The Walking Dead S:07 E:05


Episode Title: Go Getters
Original Airdate: 11-20-16

We’re back at Hilltop this week, catching up with Sasha, Maggie and Jesus. Maggie is still pregnant, but with a slight complication (*insert medical jargon*), for which the Hilltop doctor would like to keep her close in case of further issues. Gregory, the Hilltop’s “leader,” is completely against Maggie and Sasha staying, since they failed to take down Negan like they promised and Gregory doesn’t want the Saviors thinking he had anything to do with the attack. After getting Gregory to agree to let the ladies stay the night, Jesus promises them he will change Gregory’s mind.

During the night, the Hilltop’s gates are opened, fires are lit and loud music is played from a car stereo, all in an attempt to attract Walkers (later revealed to have been done by the Saviors). Jesus and Sasha fight them off while Maggie runs over the car with a tractor to stop the music. The Saviors drop by the next, led by Simon (Negan’s second-in-command) ready to scavenge from Hilltop some more. Gregory quickly bows (literally) to their demands and tries to sell out Maggie and Sasha, but Jesus thwarted his plan by hiding them in a different closet. Once the Saviors are gone, Maggie punches Gregory in the face (for many reasons) and tells him they are staying.

Meanwhile, Rick and others plan on going to gather more stuff for Negan. Enid decides to trek to Hilltop to see Maggie, angering Carl who at first tells her she’s on her own, but eventually follows to keep her company. Once there, Enid reconnects with Maggie and Carl hides himself on the Saviors’ truck hoping to find the Sanctuary. He soon finds he is not alone as Jesus planned on hitching a ride to do the same thing, at Sasha’s request.


This was a solid episode, with some great moments from two women who lost their loves just days prior. Though they are heartbroken, they know what they have to do to survive, and (as usual) have to fight the patriarchy to make it happen. Thankfully they have Jesus on their side, to whom I warmed up much more in this episode than I did any in Season 6, and not just for the Kung Fu. He finally started to show a more emotional side, which was nice, because, other than the quirky nickname, I found him a little forgettable.

Everything with the Saviors was painful to watch, from Gregory’s ass-kissing to Simon’s mugging, I really wanted it to end. I know we needed to see that relationship, but it was so awkward, I’d almost rather the outright violence. But watching Gregory bow THEN lose all his beloved Scotch was a thing of beauty too.

Per the norm, the teen angst is eye-roll inducing, but I don’t see that ever going away, not even when Chandler Riggs is 30 and the show is in its 20th season. But hey, zombie apocalypse rollerskate date is now on my bucket list.

Only three more episodes until the winter break, and so far I’ve found this season very steady. No episode has felt like painful filler yet, as we’ve been catching up with everybody. And next week the return of Tara and Heath, with new people!


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