The Walking Dead S:07 E:03


Episode Title: The Cell
Original Airdate: 11-6-16

This week we visited The Sanctuary, main hub of Negan and the Saviors, as we watched Dwight torture Daryl with possibly the most annoying song ever recorded and dog food sandwiches. Daryl is left in a tiny cell under the aforementioned conditions, as Dwight tries to break him, becauseĀ Negan really wants Daryl to join his ranks. By the end Daryl, still refuses.

More is revealed about Dwight throughout the episode, as well. After he and Sherry (his now ex-wife) stole Daryl’s bike and crossbow last season, they returned to Negan, from whom they’d been on the run. As punishment, Sherry married Negan (and is obviously expected to give him a baby) and Dwight had the left side of his face melted with an iron, but now he lives like a king…a sad king, but one who gets egg sandwiches.


I liked this episode as a quieter, character driven study. Of course Daryl’s torture is not only at the hands of Negan and Dwight, but his internal demons are working overtime as he copes with the fact that Glenn’s death was a result of his own outburst. Being locked in that cell with nothing but his thoughts is probably far worse than what Negan could ever cook up, especially when Dwight throws a Polaroid of Glenn’s remains at him. I think we can all agree that a crying Daryl is the worst.

Seeing Negan on his own territory was good too. So much of the Saviors has been shrouded in mystery, that getting to know more was welcome. There are things that didn’t make sense to me, but maybe it’ll become clearer as the season progresses. As for the Dwight/Sherry backstory, I know it’s suppose to make us more sympathetic to Dwight, but I’m not feeling it. But at least Negan draws the line at rape, so he has that going for him.

So, if you were wondering which was worse, being killed by Negan with Lucille or becoming his prisoner, I think this episode answered that question. At least Abraham and Glenn were never tortured with that horrible song “Easy Street.”


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