Fear the Walking Dead Season:02


I guess I forgot all about this Season 2 wrap-up as I’ve been planning for Halloween and had family visiting. But it’s also kind of a testament to the show itself how low it ranks on my to do list. Looking back over my previous posts for each episode I realize just how little impact this show has on me.

At first I anticipated Fear the Walking Dead because I was eager to see the beginning of the zombie apocalypse that changed the lives of my beloved characters on The Walking Dead. But after the first few episodes, it just turned into another zombie show, but a far less interesting one than its parent series. Though this show has taken us to new places in this world that Rick & Co. can’t (on a boat, Mexico, etc.), the characters and actions sorely lack any genuine emotional punch, unless “annoyed” is an emotion. Though some good things came out of Season 2, mostly the second half, I fear that this show will just keep dragging its heels without giving me anything substantial to hang on to. I just want to feel something while I’m watching it…other than annoyed.

Favorite Episode: Ouroboros
I had to dig pretty deep to figure this one out. Not one whole episode was the bees knees for me, but there were moments sprinkled throughout the season that I really liked. So when it comes down to it, I’m going with the episode that tied in the short series of Flight 462, mainly because of the character Alex, but also the resolution to that 15 minute plane ride was nice. There were moments that also had lasting effects on certain characters, like Chris mercy killing the guy on the plane (with such ease) and Nick discovering Infected camouflage, which pretty much became his new drug of choice. Then the harsh ending of Strand stranding Alex and Jake in the middle of the ocean in their lifeboat was hard to take, but a great moment that also had lasting effects that would come to bite some characters later.

Favorite New Character: Alex
A weird choice? Yes. She was only in a web series short, and then two episodes, but for me she brought more to the show in that short time than all the characters who have been present¬†since the beginning. It’s probably because we didn’t know anything about her, and probably never will. She knew about the Infected and how to kill them, but we don’t know how she knew. She went to great lengths to protect a teenage boy she had just me on a plane, but we don’t know why she’d do that. And we don’t know what became of her after the “pirates” arc wrapped. But I loved her, no matter how little we knew or saw of her and despite the fact that we’ll probably never see her again.

Saddest Death: Chris Manawa
Like I stated in my season finale review, when it came down to it, Chris was just a scared kid in a newly screwed up world, gunned down in the street like an animal by people he thought he could trust. The character was very problematic from the start, and only went downhill, so he had to die or leave for good, but that doesn’t make the circumstances any less tragic, even more so in fact. I’m not sorry he’s gone, but his death has already altered several characters’ paths, and will probably continue to have a large impact for awhile.

Most Memorable Infected: Crabby Infected
Again, with most of this show, nothing really stuck out till I looked back over some old posts, and once again Ouroboros wins. I’m still not sure if this Infected was half buried in the sand or cleaved in half during the crash and his top half landed in the hole, but a half zombie being eaten by crabs that it’s also trying is uniquely grotesque (and reminiscent of the episode title). It’s also the Infected Nick fought that lead to him finding the magical power of Infected blood, so not just another pretty face.


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