Fear the Walking Dead S:02 E:11

FTWD S2 Logo

Episode Title: Pablo & Jessica
Original Airdate: 9-11-16

Following last week’s exciting and intriguing episode, we’re back to same old thing. After reconnecting with Alicia, Madison and Strand try to make peace with the guests who hate Elena, so they can all live in the hotel together, with plenty of protection and food. They don’t get far with the bride’s mother or groom from the wedding party massacre, but when the other guests see them clearing out the dead to take back the hotel, they join in to help. Alicia realizes that leading the hotel’s Infected off the pier into the choppy ocean waters will be quicker and more effective than going room to room and burning bodies. Eventually Madison heads up the dangerous game of Follower the Leader, but survives with no real threat. During a celebratory dinner, Strand goes to see the groom. After some convincing, the groom lets go and allows Strand to kill his Infected bride (Jessica), whom he’d been guarding since she’d turned. And it seems Ofelia may have just left in the truck, as both are now missing.

There was no continuation for Travis and Chris this week, but Nick helped Alejandro mix some Oxy with powdered milk to make their supply last longer and then he comforted Luciana after she found out her missing brother (Pablo) was dead. Then she kissed Nick while he was trying to study Spanish.


The episode was okay, but not interesting or exciting. I guess it’s planting the seeds for the hotel to become Madison and Strand’s fort, but this late in the season has me wondering how long it will last until they’re back to square one. The only “intense” moment felt for show, as I knew nothing would happen to Madison during her pier walk. It’s a major issue I have with the show overall, as the stakes never feel high in moments like this, but probably because the group is still so small. Though I did like the final scene between Strand and the groom (Oscar). I had been wondering if we were going to see a zombie bride among the hotel’s Infected, but I didn’t realize Oscar had her under lock and key. And the final shot of Strand walking into the dark hotel room to the sound of Infected Jessica’s snarls looked and sounded great.

Everything with Nick was just dull. I still call shenanigans about Alejandro surviving an Infected bite. I’m guessing it’s a story he’s telling everyone so they will follow him. It won’t end well. As for Luciana and Nick’s potentially blooming relationship, I’m not the least surprised, but I bet she gives him the brush off next week.

And that’s the problem with this show. I feel like most of the time, I think more ahead than about what’s in front of me. It’s okay to make predictions and anticipate things, but I never appreciate what they’re showing me, because I don’t find it all that intriguing, so I end up using it to guess what may come. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel it’s more the writing.


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