Preacher S:01 E:07

Episode Title: He Gone
Originally Aired: July 10th 2016

What do you do when you accidently send a teenager to hell? Do you feel remorse and do your best to reverse your actions? Do you break down and cry, overwhelmed by the guilt of his eternal damnation at your hands? Do you post an ad on Craigslist offering your services to fed up parents, or do you just go about business as usual?

The final option was Jesse’s tactic after he made Eugene go to hell in the final moments of last week’s episode. Instead of kicking off with an exploration of Jesse’s emotions, it begins with a normal church service, a little time with Odin Quincannon and a scene with Tulip that would make Ferris Beuller proud.

Cassidy who witnessed the interaction between Jesse and Eugene is the only one that is struggling with everything that is going on. He is not sure what is going on between him and Tulip after their backseat activities; he feels guilty about not making sure Jesse understands just who and what he is, and he is afraid for and of his new best friend. As a vampire, men of god have hunted him and Jesse is the first one that really terrifies him because Jesse has more than enough power to kill Cassidy. Cassidy is my favorite character in the show, and I hope there is a chance for us to learn how he became a vampire. Was he born this way or was he turned at some point? If he was turned, was he still the directionless degenerate that we know him as or did it develop in response to his anger at God and his curse.

that boy is on fire

We do not get anything about Cassidy’s back-story but we do learn more about Tulip and Jesse as kids. The events that started them down the path that led them to where they are now are a bit understated in one case and extreme in another. Millions of kids have gone through the foster care system and lots of them turn out fine and not manic psychopaths, making that background a bit over simplified. The other case of seeing a parent murdered in front of you could have much longer lasting effects if you did not receive any help. No one is defined by one incident or their home lives but it definitely informs who we become and sometimes we never stop feeling like a scared kid hiding under a bed or that everyone we care about will abandon us or turn their backs on us. Tulip does not want to work through her issues she likes who she is and wants her and Jesse to continue their life as a modern Bonnie and Clyde. Jesse on the other hand is trying to work through his trauma by becoming his father, who will get want they want over the final three episodes of this season?

The hunt is on for the missing Eugene, Cassidy knows the truth, Emily knows Jesse lied about seeing him but does not know why and the Sherriff is becoming more worried. The fate of one of these characters was placed in Jesse’s hands and left uncertain at the end of the episode. Did Jesse use his ability to cover up what he did or did he sentence another person to eternal damnation.

The episode was well shot, part action movie, part horror, a little bit of an emotional drama, which in my opinion was a disappointment because I think that should have been the focus of the episode. The color scheme of the show rather reminds me of Agent Carter season one, they when with muted tones there because they felt it fit the era more. This show seems to use them to highlight the dusty, and dower nature of the small town, especially in flash backs or scenes with Odin. I wonder if they will follow that shows precedent and go with a more vibrant and fun season two. There was also an important food safety tip in tonight’s episode, do not put vanilla or other flammable liquids in the oven. If it happens, make sure you have a fire extinguisher around as they did.

vanilla hashbrowns


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