Preacher S:01 E:06

Episode Title: Sundowner
Originally Aired: July 3rd 2016

Finally there were some interesting developments in the latest episode of AMC’s Preacher. The origin of Jesse’s power was revealed, Tulip tried yet another strategy to win Jesse back and the angles are in big trouble.


I think that when this season is released on Blu-Ray and DVD that the season one collection should be titled unintended consequences. I shared that thought in my review last week and this week the angels voiced that fear to Jesse while they tried to convince him to relinquish his powers.

The best scene of the show took place this week, it was action packed, funny and shot well, until the end. When it started to pull back until everything was happening in one small blurry spot causing the scene to lose its effectiveness. After this particular scene it’s amazing that Jesse can still want to hold on to the voice and not turn it over immediately, to keep that kind of danger and craziness out of his life.

seraphim-preacher (1)

He may truly feel it was part of God’s plan for him to have receive Genesis or it could be his selfish desire to do something good and him viewing this as his only chance. If he doesn’t master his ability soon

As a whole, the show continues to be well shot and pretty to look at between the mix of muted and vibrant scenes. The acting of Jesse and Cassidy are still the high points for me but Tulip is growing on me as her manic moments continue to decrease as the season progresses. I really like Emily but her character gets almost no respect from the main trio. She is obviously in love with Jesse which causes her confrontation with Tulip in tonight’s episode, but Jesse is focused solely on his church and his hang-ups involving Tulip to even acknowledge Emily let alone her desires. The biggest character mystery of the show is Jackie Earle Haley’s Odin Quincannon, I have no idea what his end plan could be. Is he somehow able to ignore Jesse’s commands or how does murdering several people serve God? The biggest plot mystery is when the Cowboy will return and how his story will be connected to Jesse and the rest. One let down of a subplot is the story involving Mayor Miles and his inability to decide what he should do about witnessing Odin killing the Green Acre people. He knew that turning in Odin would cripple the town and that he did not want to be the mayor responsible for it so all of his waffling and seeking advice was a waste of time and only served to reach the episodes running time.

I think I know how the next four episodes will play out on a large scale but I could still be surprised by the details of how they get there. After Jesse’s outburst and misuse of his ability things are going to go downhill over the next few episodes before reaching a conclusion that will rock the tiny town and possibly fulfill Tulip’s wish of going back on the run together.


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