TV Good Sleep Bad #10

Good Sleep Bad: A monthly podcast in which Elwood and Lackey (The Nightmare Gallery) delve into cult and obscure TV shows from Superheroes to the Outer Limits they watch it all.

This week The Vern (Vern’s Video Vortex / As You Watch Podcast) recommended we check out “Jess Archer Versus” the short film which has now become a great web-series.

Jess Archer Vs 3

Playing like a mash up of Veronica Mars meets Spaced this high school set comedy is packed with fun pop culture refrences and some razor sharp writing as we uncover when we look at both the series and original short film.

For our second feature its a chance to revisit a childhood favourite and key anime title with “Speed Racer” as we argue its importance in Anime history while re-evaluating the live-action adaptation.



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Opening theme “TV Is Awesome” by Fuzzy Machete –


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