Jess Archer Vs. S:01 Ep:07

Jess Archer Vs 3After Jess Archer(Emily Williams) sets a trap for football captain Jason(Carmen Carfagna) and he was caught trying to steal answers instead of Lacrosse Team Captain Troy(Michael Fraser).  Things, have been bothering our teen hero and it’s more than she’s a little put off by everyone giving her praise between classes.  Or that both Chase(Stefan Kumor) and Troy are now visiting her in the bathroom and are giving her the huggies.  It’s just that something feels not quite right for her.  How did Jason get those answers into Troy’s locker in the first place?  He does end up revealing the name Casey or was it Kacy, maybe it’s K.C.  I don’t know but I do know that this is a perfect opportunity for Jess and Chase to have a montage and get more facts.

JAV ep 7_80smontageThe first one incorporates all the great montages from movies like The Breakfast Club to The Karate Kid to Rocky.  Nothing new was discovered but it didn’t matter because it was still awesome and it looked really cool.  After they do question everyone in the school, Jess notices that the cheerleaders all have the exact same story. I mean word for word, the exact story.  It looks like new discoveries are happening at Hudson High and it will be fascinating to see how this all turns out.

JAV ep 7_cardsThe world of Jess Archer Vs is really starting to expand with this episode.  Throughout the show we are introduced to a lot of different characters and they are all very well established without the need to give them a lot of explanation. There is a girl we meet in this episode named Alice (Carlie Meyers) who is not a fan of Jess and Chase.  She believes that they are part of the same spoiled rich kid set that Troy is a part of and that is why they are the brat.(you haft to watch the episode to get that one).  I even like the character of that one kid always looking for a place to smoke because you see him in certain episodes and it just makes this place feel more real.  I’m hoping in upcoming seasons we get to see what happens outside of Hudson High. Maybe we can even meet Jess’s parents in an episode.


You can watch the full episode here

Some great outtakes from episode six.


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