Daredevil S:02 E:04

Episode Title: Penny and Dime
Originally Aired: March 18th 2016

The Punisher’s past was revealed in the newest episode of Marvel’s Daredevil. This week’s story focuses on three characters Matt, Karen and Frank, as the truth of what drives Frank is slowly drug into the light. We find out what happened to Frank to turn him into the man that we have seen in the last three episodes, and hopefully, we will find out why it happened in the remaining episodes.

Matt’s story line gets the least screen time of the three main characters this week so I will start there. We see him return to Melvin in order to get his new suit before he makes a third attempt to bring down the Punisher. I am sure that more fans will like this suit because of its increased ratio of red to black. The suit is more effective offensively and defensively while being flashier at the same time. Matt overcome with guilt over what he did not do or could not do to save everyone, may be beginning to question if he will be forced to kill Frank. Most tradition heroes are driven by a sense of justice and responsibility to use their skills or abilities to help those that cannot help themselves. They typical antihero like the Punisher is driven by anger. They have a hatred for people that do evil thins and will do whatever it takes to stop them from preying on innocent people. Then there is Matt who belongs to a much smaller group of heroes with members such as Spider-Man. They are driven by guilt over mistakes they made or lives they did not save to try harder to do more to help the next person. The fight choreography for Daredevil is interesting because at times it is extremely brutal with everyone throwing haymaker style punches out to maximum damage with minimal effort. Then there are times that when Matt needs to move quickly from one place to another to avoid detection that he will do his customary spinning flip kick/stomp. The move is slow, overly flashy and for some reason he loves doing it, we have seen it more than once already this season and a number of times during season 1 as well. At the end of the episode, Matt’s personal life takes several interesting turns, we are introduced very quickly to Elektra and he shares his first kiss with Karen.


Karen spends most of her time this episode tracking down the results of the information that the Assistant D.A. gave her and figuring out how it relates to the Punisher. She believes that the x-ray in the package belongs to the Punisher himself or to someone that could give them more information on him. She also believes that whatever led to this person being shot in the head has something to do with D.A. Reyes and that she is trying to cover up something. She is able to track down the nurse that was taking care of the injured man and hears a very dramatic tale involving shadowy government figures and plot points that would make Keifer Sutherland’s character from Flatliners proud. She is able to find the location of Frank’s old house and now we know that his full name is Frank Castle, even though Matt only knows his first name and Karen his last name and have yet to share notes. Karen is a rich character she is a mix of: a great detective, very compassionate and passionate for helping her clients, flirtatious, brave and terrified. She can be forceful when she thinks there is nothing lurking in the shadows for her but also easily panics. She is not my favorite character on the show, she is actually fourth, but I do admire the depth and dimension the writers have provided her. Her story in this episode is really just an outsider’s view of Frank’s story. While he tells us a saddening personal tale, she is learning aspects of it on her own and is closer to stumbling across why, while Frank is just driven by love and anger over what happened.


Frank is the main character in this episode, he may have the most screen time and the story is all about him. We learn of a man who went to war and thought that it had no effect on him. Until he returned home and was unable to do all the things, he was able to do before he left and dreamed about while he was gone. In some ways he is not that different from Matt, he too is driven by guilt he has just given into his anger and desire for revenge. He is a man haunted by unkept promises and his helplessness when it came to protecting his family. This episode is the most brutal of the series. From the actions of the Irish during their search for Frank and their Payback like actions when they find him. After the recent events, Frank knew it is only a matter of time before the gangs begin to close in on him and he made preparations just in case he was captured. The acting by Jon Bernthal is excellent in this episode to feel sad for a person you have seen murder dozens of people in a short period. He brings Matt and plenty of fans to tears during his story that seems more like a deathbed confession than just getting it off his chest.


Will Frank survive? Just who is Elektra and what does she want? What is next for Matt and Karen? Will we get more of Foggy in the next episode? Every question is one I am excited to see answered in next week’s episode of Marvel’s Daredevil.


2 thoughts on “Daredevil S:02 E:04

  1. I thought Karen would be my least favorite character but she is starting to be a big one on the show. I love watching her investigate just as much as I love watching Daredevil FIght

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely agree with you, she has really grown on me a lot more than I expected. Thanks for commenting, you’re the first one.


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