iZombie S:02 E:17

iZombie S2

Episode Title: Reflections of the Way Liv Use to Be
Original Airdate: 4-5-16

The case-of-the-week has Liv and Clive looking into another murder at the local university, where Liv runs into some of the old frat bros from earlier in the season. The dead girl whose brain Liv turns into stir fry was incredibly Type A, running for Student Senate and a CI for Seattle PD after being busted for selling Adderall, so we get to see Det. Benedetto from Vice again (Enrico Colantoni), but he’s not exactly the good guy one would hope for in a cop. When busting dealing college kids, he turns them into CIs, without approval from higher-ups, in order for them to get their charges dropped and him to bust more drug dealers, which is all very dangerous.

Major wakes up after Ravi’s knocked him out with tranquilizer and he explains everything about the missing zombies, which Ravi accepts and promises to hide from Liv for the time being to stop her from doing something stupid. Blaine’s memory loss is getting worse, while his idiot thugs decide to take over the drug trade and cut him out of the loop completely. Rita/Gilda is being held by VDC in the Max Rager basement, supposedly to keep her safe until another cure can be found. VDC’s security guard informs him of Major’s storage locker with the frozen zombies, but before VDC can confront Major about it, the FBI comes calling to arrest Major as the Chaos Killer, thanks to a tip from the woman at the dog groomer’s who recognized a picture of Minor in the paper.

iZombie 2-17

This episode was pretty solid. The case worked well, held my attention and managed to surprise me when the killer was revealed, as it also dealt with the Utopium drug trade. The stuff with Major was good too, and I certainly appreciate it because things are starting to come together, finally. Sometimes he stories arcs feel a bit tedious or rushed, and there’s rarely a good balance between the two. I’m highly anticipating how he will get out of this one.

The only thing that didn’t work for me in the episode was Liv on Type-A brains. Apparently it was very close to how Liv was before she turned undead, but I gotta say, it wasn’t that interesting. She wasn’t subtle enough to be believable and wasn’t over-the-top enough to be entertaining. She was just dull, making her lists and checking them twice, basically. No wonder old Liv and old Major made the perfect couple: they were deathly boring. It may be no fun being Team Z, but at least they have personalities now.

With only two more episodes in the season, I’m looking forward to things wrapping up some. I can’t help but wonder if Max Rager and Stacy Boss with both stay around as the Big Bads, because it’s time to dump one of them, or at least push it to the background for a long while. Don’t want things to feel repetitive, do we?


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