iZombie S:02 E:16

iZombie S2

Episode Title: Pour Some Sugar, Zombie
Original Airdate: 3-29-16

This week Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a stripper, who had just called Peyton with the intention of ratting out her two-timing boyfriend who just happens to work for Stacy Boss. Of course the boyfriend is a suspect, plus several other strippers and that weird weatherman who pops up as a suspect from time to time, Johnny Frost. One day it really will be him, I swear. Liv’s secondhand personality is mainly a lot of yelling at people, but there is one weird scene where she gives Peyton a lap dance at a strip club to try to trigger a vision. It doesn’t work.

Elsewhere in Zombieland, Rita is now a zombie. She goes back to Liv’s apartment looking for brains, but Van du Clark’s personal security guard knocks her out and drags her off. Peyton moves back in with Liv. Blaine is human yet again, after taking Ravi’s latest batch of test cure, but with it comes severe memory loss. Ravi discovers Major has a safe in his closet, but when Major acts weird about it, Ravi decides to start digging and finds remnants of the “Chaos Killer.” When he confronts Major, of course not giving Major a chance to explain, Major starts to freak out and then turns to full on zombie mode, but Ravi knocks him out with his own tranquilizer he’d been using on victims. And finally, Liv goes looking for Drake at his mom’s house, because she wants the courtesy of a breakup, but his mom is convinced he’s been killed by Boss, and that’s when Liv discovers he was an undercover agent the whole time.


The case-of-the-week was a bit bland (and kind of sexist) but it did bring out some funny moments with Liv and Peyton. I like it when they bond, so the mystery worked well toward that. Liv on stripper brains was extremely annoying, but so was the character in the sixty seconds of screen time she got before having her head bashed in. So not surprising.

This was another episode with a weird flow to it. I felt like they were just cramming things in. They showed us Rita for a minute at the beginning, I guess just so we’d have a definite answer on her fate after the zombie brawl in the basement. But then the big guy knocked her out and not a peep about her for the rest of the episode. And the investigation was just a lot of back-and-forth, he-said-she-said. It all came to feel messy and repetitive. And then Blaine’s issues are just random. Maybe there is an overall plan there, but I’m having trouble seeing where this might be going.

The only moments that worked for me, other than the girly bonding, were Ravi’s discovery about Major and Liv’s discovery about Drake. These were most streamlined plot lines in the episode, and played out well on screen.

In other words, filler. Oh well, here’s hoping next episode is a bit more fluid.


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