Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:03 Ep:07

Episode Title: Revelations

Original Air Date: November 17, 1998

“The fact is, there is talk in the Council that you have become a bit too …. American.” – Gwendolyn Post

Time for another of my favourite episodes whose appearance in the season really reminds me of how many great episodes this season has. It’s also one of the early Faith-centric episodes as she gains a new watcher in the form of Gwendolyn Post who also brings with her a warning of the demon Lagos who has also arrived in Sunnydale looking for the Glove of Myneghon.

At this point in the series Faith has kind of been the fun distraction from the ongoing monster slaying antics of the group, so this week it was nice to see her getting some development outside of being Buffy’s badgirl counterpart. In particular there is a real focus here on her trust issues which now sees her now living her current lone wolf existence. True by the end of the episode her trust issues have hardly been improved by the events which unfold here, but we do get the great moments of her bonding with Buffy over their relationship issues as well as some synchronised slaying.


Elsewhere we get the first of our real interactions with Watcher’s Council with the arrival of Gwendolyn Post who is quick to criticise Giles over his library missing key volumes of monster and demon research, while highlighting that Giles might be as Intune with the Watchers Council as his by the book and straight laced persona might have suggested. As always it’s great to see Giles being flustered and here is no exception especially when Gwendolyn is on first appearances the female version of Giles. Of course looks are never what they seem in Sunnydale as she soon turns to be trying to find the “Glove of Myneghon” for her own evil schemes.

While Faith might be the main focus here, the ongoing relationship issues of Buffy and the Scoobies here continue to grow all the more complicated with Xander and Willow still continuing their secret relationship, while the fact that Buffy has been hiding her knowledge of Angel’s return finally comes out and is unsurprisingly greeted with open hostility by her friends who don’t want to trust him again after his evil side “Angelous” was unleashed last season. Giles in particular giving an especially cold reaction to this news which he can hardly be blamed for seeing how his girlfriend was killed by Angel before he proceeded to taunt him with her dead body. What is great though is how sudden his comments come like a switch has suddenly been tripped.


This episode should be equally noteworthy for it featuring Xander engaging his inner badass which is always fun to see, especially when he is regularly in so many situations to happy go-lucky guy, so to have him on the warpath to hunt down Angel with Faith was great to see, even if he does here come off as kind of spurned jerk with his hot headedness. Still this does provide a fitting setup for the finale when Gwendolyn’s true intentions are revealed. Sadly this is the sole appearance of Gwendolyn who had the potential of being a great occurring villain for the show, especially when the idea of a rouge watcher was such an intriguing possibility, something sadly scratch off by her impressive demise.


While this episode has some great moments throughout despite being pretty low on the action front when we do get see what exactly the Glove of Myneghon can do it shot right to the top of my favourite Buffy weapons (if not all mystical weapons) list. Not only is it a brutal looking spiked gauntlet which actually grafts onto your arm, but it also gives you the power over the elements as seen when Gwendolyn starts throwing around lightning. On a nerdy side note the glove was also released as part of the weapons pack for the Buffy action figures, though sadly it was a solid piece meaning that none of the figures could wear it and hence dashing my dreams on playing out scenarios where it was welded by a megalomaniacal Xander.

Next Episode: Lovers Walk


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