The Walking Dead S:06 E:12

TWD S6 Promo

Episode Title: Not Tomorrow Yet
Original Airdate: 3-6-16

After opening with Carol scrounging around Alexandria to make Beet & Acorn Cookies for the kids (ummm…gag), Rick and the others return from Hilltop, calling a meeting in the church to discuss what must be done about the Saviors in exchange for food from Hilltop, with Morgan being the only one who truly objects to killing them. Rick hashes out a plan to go the next day, with some information about their compound from Andy, a guy from Hilltop who has delivered food to the Saviors.

Rick decides that the best way inside is to bring them the head of Gregory (Hilltop’s leader) like Negan demanded. So on their way to the compound, they round up several Walkers, decapitating them and deciding which one could best pass for the head of Gregory. And surprisingly it works. The Alexandrites make it into the compound at night and kill most of the Saviors while they are sleeping. Others wake up and sound an alarm, so a gun fight ensues, but overall they seem to clear the place out without losing any of their own. Unfortunately, as the Group starts to leave, a Savior on a motorcycle (Daryl’s stolen one from the looks of it) races out of the compound and is shot down, but a woman speaks over his walkie-talkie to inform Rick and the others that they (the Saviors) have Carol and Maggie, who were supposed to be safe while watching the perimeter.

TWD 6-12

I liked this episode for some truly great character-building moments. Abraham dumping Rosita was sad, because other than Lori and Shane (which is a totally different situation) no one’s really ended a relationship without one of the partners dying in this world yet. I can’t really blame Abraham, though. He clearly coupled up with Rosita when he thought she was the last woman on earth (damn, did he hit the jackpot), but it’s still a sad state considering all they have been through together.

Then there’s Carol, who, turns out, actually has a conscious about the all the humans she’s killed. Who knew? Her kiss with Tobin was out of nowhere, but that’s probably because I’m in a constant state of confusion over her relationship, or lack thereof mostly, with Daryl. And her determination to protect a pregnant Maggie was interesting, as Carol always seems eager to jump into the fray. But leaving a Beat Acorn cookie on Sam’s grave was a bit of a tear-jerking moment. He would have hated it though.

And poor Tara. She confesses to Gabriel that this invasion of the Saviors’ compound brings up dark memories of the Governor invading the Prison. And she’s dead right: Rick’s speech in the church to the Alexandrites is no different than what the Governor told his people before attacking the Prison. He did it to insure the survival of those following him at the time, but we saw them as bad guys because they were attacking the characters we love. Now we follow Rick doing the same thing to others for Alexandria’s survival, but he’s supposed to be our hero. It’s a beautiful testament to how good and evil are just plain relative, especially in the apocalypse.

The ultimate kick in the gut was Glenn and Heath. They both agreed to go kill the Saviors, but so far both have made it through this new world without having to take a human life, unlike nearly everyone around them. Seeing Glenn make his first kill…ouch. I feel like a part of him definitely died a little too, coupled with the knowledge that he will soon be a father. What a stellar performance from Steven Yeun in that scene.

Now that I have all the praise out of the way: what a completely stupid effing plan Rick had. He knows nothing of this compound, except what one guy has seen a tiny fraction of when he’s delivered food. Rick has no idea how many Saviors there are and how many weapons they have, but is somehow really sure he and the Alexandrites can beat them. Based on what? Pure cockiness, obviously. And even better, he decides to do it at night after merely talking about it for a couple hours. I’m not saying I need an entire episode wasted on the actual planning, but this was too rushed. And just a really stupid bad idea. Better idea? Wait till the Saviors tried attacking Hilltop, then take them out. It probably wouldn’t be all the Saviors, but they’d send more, then take the second wave out. Lather, rinse, repeat until they’re all dead or they just give up. At least you wouldn’t be going on a super dangerous mission almost completely blind and unprepared. I’m still really annoyed at the idiocy here.

So, a good episode for characterization almost completely negated by a bad episode for logical plot development.


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