iZombie S:02 E:13

iZombie S2

Episode Title: The Whopper
Original Airdate: 2-16-16

While digging for the tainted Utopium in the empty field, Ravi and Major come across a body, but not the one they’re looking for. Clive and Liv begin to investigate, and the victim was a pathological liar, who also worked for Stacy Boss. Liv gladly makes a burger out of his brain, hoping to trigger a vision of where the tainted U might be buried, and by the end of the episode she achieves her goal and the trio finally find their buried “treasure,” and not a moment too soon, because Ravi’s test rat (that was cured, but reverted back to Team Z) dies.

In other news, Blaine’s minions catch Major in the act of his zombie “killing.” Major confesses that he’s only freezing his victims, which is of great interest to Blaine who was recently cut out of his father’s will since is father “died” under mysterious circumstances, therefore leaving the entire $100 million estate to the housekeeper. Blaine promises Major he will provide the zombies on du Clark’s list if Major thaws his father, hoping to coax a new video will in his favor.

iZombie 2-13

This was a much simpler and more streamlined episode than last week’s, but with the advantage of still moving the Boss/Utopium/Max Rager plots forward. I’m thrilled that the tainted U has been found, because that search was getting a bit tedious. Now to get a cure made, and see what happens in the aftermath of that. A lying Liv was pretty fun, and it did aid quite well in finding the dead guy they’ve been looking for all along. Also interested to see how Drake’s back alley dealings will come back to bite Liv, other than having a broken heart.

Overall, a good episode with a case that pushed the world building forward, without overwhelming it. (That months-old dead brain should have been rotten as hell, though.)


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