iZombie S:02 E:11

iZombie S2

Episode Title: Fifty Shades of Gray Matter
Original Airdate: 2-2-16

With an unexpected two weeks off, we’re back with an excellent episode of iZombie. Liv eats the brain of a librarian, murdered by hemlock poisoning. But instead of donning cozy cardigans and horn-rimmed glasses, Liv becomes the horniest zombie on the block, as the victim wrote erotica in her spare time, having just sold her first book, leaving the suspect pool full.

Meanwhile, Major barely escapes being caught as the “Chaos Killer” when Babineaux and Bozzio attempt tracking the GPS chip they believe is implanted in Minor, the dog Major kept after one of his first zombie kills. However the chip was just on his collar that was left behind when Major took him home, but Major still decides to leave Minor on a city bus in the hopes that someone else will rescue him and give him a good home.

Peyton and Blaine finally mix business with pleasure at the office one night, and when Blaine is brought in the next day by Babineaux and Bozzio looking into his possible connection to the recent disappearances, Peyton secures his release only to find out he is not the person she thought, as confirmed by Liv.

iZombie 2-11

Horny Liv was pretty hysterical, hitting on anything that moved with cleavage up to her chin. It all served a purpose too, as she and Drake, the zombie she made so that the tainted Utopium might be found, became much closer and even ended up sleeping together by the end, which can’t have a good outcome. The actual case was quite intriguing as well, and it all poked fun at the atrocities being committed by those who call erotica literature. I’m hardly a prude, but the “writing” in those books is too terrible to properly communicate, though this episode mocked it nicely.

The real focus of the this episode was Babineaux and Bozzio finally getting somewhere in both their respected cases. Of course we know they’re wrong on several points, but they are getting closer now that they know Blaine is involved. Peyton’s discovery was sad, but it had to happen eventually, she just went with the hard way. I’m wondering what this will do to her case, and keep having the sinking feeling she will not survive the season.

My only complaint is the lack of Kristen Bell. I feel that the commercials made a huge deal about her voiceover work, and I expected her voice to be in Liv’s head as she was mentally writing naughty stories throughout the episodes, but all Bell did was a few lines in the audio version of the deceased’s book. It felt pointless and wasteful, because I’ve been holding out for a potential guest appearance by the ultimate Veronica Mars alum, and I’m not sure that will happen at this point. Otherwise, this was definitely one of the season’s best so far.


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