TV Good Sleep Bad #6

Good Sleep Bad: A monthly podcast in which Elwood and Lackey (The Nightmare Gallery) delve into cult and obscure TV shows from Superheroes to the Outer Limits they watch it all.

Kicking off a new year of cult TV goodness as we are joined by Will (Exploding Helicopter) to celebrate the return of “The X Files” as we look at the episode “Home”.


We also take a look at one of the key influences for the show “Kolchak: The Night Stalker” as he investigates his own UFO mystery in “They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be …”


All this plus Will reveals the movies he would include in his Exploding Helicopter triple feature, We look at Titan’s forthcoming “The Truth Is Out There” Mini-figure collection for “The X Files” aswell as binge watching Vs. regular viewing plus much more!!

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For Will’s Exploding Helicopter obsessions –

Opening theme “TV Is Awesome” by Fuzzy Machete –


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