SuperMansion S:01 E:13

Episode Title: Lex As A Weapon
Original Aired: 12-16-15

The season finale of SuperMansion is finally upon us and like the team the show has evolved over the last 13 episodes. The first few entries in the series relied heavily on pop culture jokes and references, however as the show has continued it has found its comfort zone. While still being topical and making the occasional reference it is telling its own story and not merely aping what Super Friends, the overall inspiration for the team, had done in the past.  While the show is not as funny as it once was it is probably a better “show” than it used to be. While not everyone experienced major change or growth each character is a little different than they were when we first met them. Jewbot and his quest for humanity and Rex with his sudden fatherhood have the largest changes, but they are the Kirk and Spock of this series. Perhaps other viewers will have a different experience than I did and continue to pick out references that are more obscure or less in your face than I am able to.

The title of this week’s episode is an obvious nod to the 1985 Pat Benatar song Sex As A Weapon. Which is about someone who knows the person they are with is bad for them but they are unable to overcome their physical attraction. Your first thought is probably that the main story of this episode will be focused on Lex and Black Saturn,

slave saturn

and you’d be wrong. Lex is the person who kicks off the events that take place in this episode but it is Rex’s relationships that relate back to the song. We know about how his libido and lack of self-control has lead him to having sexual relationships with two team members’ wives and we were shown at least a 3rd illicit affair during a flask back in episode two. We were given a hint of Lex’s parentage in the closing seconds of last week’s episode when Jewbot mentioned that her DNA showed many insect markers. If you remember back to episode two  from 10-8-15 or are currently binge watching season 1 you might be able to guess who her mother is.

The league is a mostly effective team of superheroes but they could be much more effective if they would stop developing personal relationships with their villains. Saturn has an ex that is a cat burglar and his arch nemesis might just be his best friend, and Rex while always thwarting her evil plots could not bring himself to truly stop Frau Mantis. It is the teams’ relationships that are used against them in this episode as they are taken out one by one until only Rex is left to take on Dr. Deviso and the rest of the villains he freed from the underground prison.

rex surrounded

Is this finally the formation of the Injustice Club, which I’ve waited for all season? Unfortunately we may never know as they appear to be just a collection of villains and not a team of any sort. I wonder if the Injustice Club was just used as a reference joke and then dropped or if they will show up in season 2. The villains should be able to easily overwhelm Rex since we saw him have issues with several of them in a one on one situation if he is unable to free the rest of the League.

In order to save the world and defeat Dr. Deviso the team may need to take actions that only Harry Stamper would approve of. Do they have what it takes, and who will survive the villainous onslaught, find out on an internet connected device near you.



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