SuperMansion S:01 E:12

Episode Title: Lexanity
Originally Aired: 12-10-15

After last week a poll says 95% of Americans want to know why Lex is not a full member of the League of Freedom yet. We get the answer to that question in this entertaining episode that is at least 95% filler.

It’s time for the teams’ yearly physicals and because Rex has gotten fatigued of constant prostate exams from traditional doctors the physicals will be handled internally by Jewbot. While he has downloaded all the information any doctor could ever know Jewbot still needs to work on his bedside manner and discretion. We see him walking out of the exam room announcing that their insurance does not cover birth control to Lex and the rest of the waiting room.

Everyone on the team other than Ranger is fine with Jewbot being their doctor, we learn that Ranger is still uncomfortable with modern medicine and technology. There are people who have not traveled through time that have issues with the things science is now capable of doing. Commonly it’s because they don’t understand the process or feel it is unnatural to prolong life or create life in certain ways. One can only imagine how this would affect someone who jumped forward in time by approximately 70 years. We do learn that some of his anger that is directed at Jewbot in this episode is misplaced as he and Gloria are having continued marital issues. After her recent offer of a hall pass to Ranger to make them even for her affair, she has come up with an even worse idea to help their marriage. After Ranger quit the league and then decided to return but then going out while they tried to make sure Dr. Deviso didn’t escape all the tension between Ranger and Rex seems to be gone. I don’t know if this is a side effect of poor writing or time elapsed off screen. Either way it is probably an event that should have been shown to use, especially in an episode that has so little meaning going into the finale next week.

Ranger isn’t the only one having relationship issues, during his physical Brad finds out that he is allergic to cats. Which is really bad when you are dating one, especially one who believes in sex more than conversation.

brads rash

His allergic reaction is delayed, because the couple has been dating for a few episodes now, but once it begins it progresses quickly, forcing the couple to adapt or let this development be their relationship’s death knell.

One thing that may or may not be filler is the introduction of billionaire defense contractor Ivan Whiff, this universe’s Iron Man, who shows up at the mansion to recruit Lex to his own superhero team. There are two reasons it may not be filler: 1, Lex could leave the League because she’s tired of being an intern and 2, Whiff may be the final villain to be introduced this season. Maybe I am the only one who is smelling a rat when it comes to Whiff but I think he looks very similar to the final villain silhouette in the opening credits.


Lex is unsure about accepting Ivan’s offer, but Black Saturn is ready to join the team immediately even though he wasn’t invited. I don’t know if it is just because Ivan is a rich guy with no powers of his own just technology like Saturn or if team Whiff is known in the universe just not by the audience.

During this episode Jewbot learns a new ability, his appendages are detachable and he can still control them. This new power is only useful for a reoccurring joke in this episode but may be important next week.

While this season has had a few plot points carry over from one episode to another overlap has been kept to a minimum. The penultimate episode this season however ends on a cliffhanger and promises a very exciting finale. One team member could be a traitor and another may be dead hopefully this will all be explained next week on an internet connected device near you.


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