iZombie S:02 E:08

iZombie S2

Episode Title: The Hurt Stalker
Original Airdate: 12-1-15

Liv’s back from a brains-and-stuffing Thanksgiving break, and she is full on cray. After the mystery woman from the end of the last episode (the one who left a package on FBI Agent Bozzio’s doorstep) is murdered in a parking garage, Liv eats her brain to prove that the victim’s ex-boyfriend, Det. Clive Babineaux, isn’t the killer.

Turns out Babineaux barely dated the deceased Regina, because she was a “Badge Bunny,” someone who dates cops because she becomes aroused at hearing case details. Oh, and she was a full on stalker. The package she left at Bozzio’s place was a mostly photoshopped scrapbook of Regina and Clive’s “relationship.” And Clive wasn’t the only one. While looking into other stalked suspects, Liv unknowingly breaks into the police chief’s car and gets caught, landing herself behind bars for a few days, where her hunger pangs almost lead her to chowing down on one of her cellmate’s skull.

Aside from being thrown in jail for the weekend, Liv becomes very suspicious of anything having to do with Major, thanks to Regina’s stalker brains in her system. She even goes through his texts and finds out about his fling with Rita (a.k.a. her roomie Gilda, though Liv doesn’t know they’re the same person), so things start going downhill very quickly.

iZombie 2-8

I mostly liked the case this week, though there were some random things thrown in (the cyclists and the car, I still don’t really get), but I appreciate that they finally gave us something personal on Babineaux, especially his love for Game of Thrones. He has been the definition of closed book since the show started. When Regina was introduced at the end of the last episode, I thought there would be more to her character, so I was a little disappointed she was just the next victim. Liv’s inner stalker balanced between the funny and annoying, but felt much more organic than most brains she’s munched on this season, and it set up some dangerous ground for her relationship with Major, so there was an overall purpose.

As for the world building there wasn’t much, but Van du Clark has been using full blown zombies as test subjects for his new Super Max formula. After those trials went well, he volunteered for the human trial study, and apparently his lab full of scientists have yet to eliminate the “rage factor” in their energy drink. I’ll be interested to see what this does to Van in the long run.

And sadly, no Blaine this week.

Overall, this was a middle-of-the-road episode for me, where the brains and case were good, but not much to offer outside of that.


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