The Walking Dead S:06 E:07

TWD S6 Promo

Episode Title: Heads Up
Original Airdate: 11-22-15

Well, I feel used.

So Glenn’s alive. The Walkers were indeed feasting on Nicholas’s fresh corpse and leaving Glenn alone, because clearly they have no depth perception and couldn’t tell there was another meal RIGHT THERE. As many fans theorized, he was able to pull himself to safety under the dumpster from which he had just fallen, where he waited all night. Upon emerging, Enid, of all people, was on the roof of the adjacent building and threw him some water. The two exchanged some heated words about Alexandria and he forced her to go back with him. When they reached the walls, they stopped short at the terrifying sight of hundreds of Walkers clawing to get in.

Inside the walls, Rick, Michonne and Carol confronted Morgan about the Wolves he let escape, but Morgan stood by his decision. He later enlisted the help of Denise to take a look at the Wolf he had locked away, who may or may not have a Walker bite. They were followed by a very suspicious Carol. Rick gave Ron some shooting lessons, but wouldn’t let him fire a gun to avoid even more unwanted Walker attention, so Ron created a diversion in the pantry so he could sneak some bullets out of the armory. He was last scene following Carl, and pulling a gun from his waist band.

Spencer decided to do something really stupid and crawl across a wire to try to get outside of town. He wanted to find a car to draw the herd’s attention, but that plan fell flat and so did Spencer. Lucky for him, Rick was able to pull him to safety as Tara risked her own neck to shoot the Walkers trying to eat Spencer.

Suddenly a set of green balloons (the same kind used during the corralling of the herd), floated across the sky and Maggie instantly knew it was Glenn sending a message. Unfortunately, a few seconds later a decrepit building just outside the town’s wall came crashing down, taking a panel of the wall down with it, letting the Walkers into Alexandria.

TWD 6-7

Ugh…I’m so happy and disappointed at the same time. What is this feeling? I hate it so much. Okay, first of all, I never wanted Glenn to die, and I had legitimate tears that night, however many weeks ago. But like I said in my review, saving him the way they did is not good writing. However, after hearing executive producer Scott M. Gimple on The Talking Dead, I understand and appreciate his wanting the audience to experience the uncertainty of a character’s fate the same way the other characters do, especially in the context of this world which is so dangerous. I also love that nothing has gotten the TWD fans this riled up in a long time, and Twitter has provided hours of entertainment after the show’s hour was up these past few weeks. So even though I don’t care for the way it was handled, Glenn’s fake out brought all of us together in a new way. Of course, wouldn’t it be just awful if he made it back to Alexandria and Maggie got killed next week? It IS the mid-season finale afterall, and the Greene’s tend to expire around this time. (Disclaimer: I do not want Maggie to die.) Oh, and would Enid just STFU, already? Aside from her backstory in “JSS,” I’m done with her.

Unfortunately, almost everything else paled in comparison to the return of Mr. Rhee. So random thought spewing shall commence. Tara giving Rick the bird after he yelled at her was pretty awesome and sometimes the only way to end an argument. Spencer needs to die before he gets someone else killed, which will probably happen. I’m so over Morgan and his wounded Wolf pup. I hope Carol fixes it in her most Carol-like way. They need to do something with Father Gabriel, because he barely registers as a character at this point. Good or bad just give him a plot. I don’t want Ron and Carl to bring guns into their feud; I just want some more middle school slap fights until they both dissolve into tears and declare “Bros before hoes.” And more Michonne, as always.

Excited for the mid-season finale. I feel like the past seven weeks have flown by and I’ve been on the edge of my seat so much that I can’t wait to see it all come together…only to end on yet another cliffhanger. But Glenn’s alive, so yay! For now…


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