iZombie S:02 E:02

Episode Title: Zombie Bro
Original Airdate: 10-13-15

It’s time to dude bro it up as Liv takes on murdered frat boy brains. She chugs beer, pulls pranks, and again has no filter between her brain and her mouth. It seems this week’s vic had a load of potential haters he previously pranked that might have liked to get revenge, but in the end it was a simple case of mistaken identity that was his downfall.

As for everything else, Ravi decides to go to a club with Major to score some Utopium for research purposes. It turns out to be a bust, since he’s too high to record any viable data. Liv is called to pick them up when a stranger finds her number as Major’s emergency contact, and the two of them share the first bit of real tenderness since she became undead. Meanwhile, more of Blaine’s plan and backstory are revealed when he gets his goons to recruit rich white kids to push his Utopium supply, knowing Seattle’s kingpin will take them out. Blaine takes the evidence to Seattle’s DA (also a zombie), who needs loads of cash to get a potential case started against said kingpin, who has his claws in most of the city’s cops and judges. Blaine then pays a visit to his father, a very successful businessman and Blaine’s first victim, for the capital. Those two have some serious issues that go beyond a Thanksgiving dinner of brains with stuffing.

iZombie 2-2

I definitely liked this episode more than last week’s premiere. Although Liv was still over the top with her brotastic behavior, it was funnier than the crotchety old man complaining, and Babineaux’s reactions were priceless. Though I didn’t enjoy her beer ponging skills at the victim’s “wake”, that police tape dress was AWESOME. And I thought the case was much more interesting, especially with the mistaken identity. Of course, they still don’t explain how the killer had an alibi and was still able to be at the party…

Ravi and Major had some great screen time together this week, trying to score Utopium then partying at the club after they do. Sadly, it looks like Major will now become a drug addict to deal with his new job of killing zombies for Max Rager.

Best of all though was Blaine. I never would have guessed he had grown up a trust fund kid who hated his father, whom he blamed for his mother’s suicide. That’s some deep stuff. And I love that he’s hiding his cure from the other zombies he knows. I’m wondering if that revelation will be his downfall later.

Overall, another fun episode that balanced the humorous (albeit a bit on the nose again) with the serious. As always, looking forward to next week.


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