iZombie S:01 E:12

Episode Title: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat
Original Airdate: 6-2-15

As the last show of the season gets ready for it’s season finale things get pretty crazy and so much is still going on I can’t imagine how it’s all going to wrap up in just one more episode! While there isn’t any new information on the Max Rager front, the show finally brings a thread back around from about four or five episodes ago. There’s another great zombie fight that we haven’t really gotten to see since the kung fu brains way back in episode four. I really doubt that everyone is going to make it out alive next episode, but we’ll just have to wait a week to find out.

I’ll get the spoilers out of the way real quick: Peyton finds out that Liv is a zombie, freaks out and runs off. The “cured” zombie rat didn’t survive for very long, but Ravi was able to use the last dose of Utopium to create another zombie rat. Major doesn’t let things drop very easily and gets himself caught by Blaine and the boys at Meat Cute, and Liv’s brother finally turns in his application and gets a job due to his connection to Liv which was all overheard by the captive Major. Oh, and Liv succeeds in killing another zombie after her last run in with the totally gone zombie when she was on Assassin brains. Wow, that is a lot to take in for one week. Luckily along with all of the craziness there was plenty of humor thrown into the mix with Liv’s weekly dose of teenage brains. This time around she got a double dose of personality as she starts the episode off with the perky & popular cheerleader before mellowing out with the stoner who has her making a bong out of an apple and has a weed lollipop last way longer than would ever be possible.

iZombie band

It’s difficult to come to terms with this episode as a separate entity as is has so many threads from previous episodes coming together all at once. There’s Ravi dating Peyton, Liv’s imagined come clean with Major against his true come clean with her, Major’s pawning off of his stolen astronaut brains to Liv for “testing”. Even the Max Rager hitman from just a couple episodes ago comes back here. This would be an awful episode to come into this show clean, but since I have been following it from the start it’s actually very satisfying to see everything finally start to come together into a workable puzzle even when not everything tends to work out the way you might want them to. It’s hard to say how Peyton will ultimately react now that she knows what’s going on in Liv’s world, though I do expect her to return next week with some form of understanding. She hasn’t been a big part of the show, but she adds a nice dynamic to Liv’s life and would be an interesting addition to the Scooby Gang if you want to put it into Buffy terms.

As for any other predictions, I don’t see either Major or Blaine surviving next week’s episode. Major has gone through such a downward spiral throughout this entire season that he’s practically an entirely different character. I am completely fascinated by where it has been going, but I very much understand that the road ends in self destruction, likely with some type of self-sacrifice where he ends up being the one to take out either Blaine or Julian but doesn’t survive the process. One possible twist that could bring a fun zest into season two is if he dies, but returns as a zombie himself. There’s also the question of Lieutenant Suzuki (who, quick side note I caught in a very small role in 2001’s Josie and the Pussycats which I watched just the other day for my other site) who hasn’t had much of a presence in the past few episodes so it’s tough to tell whether or not he will have his change of heart next week, or if the rest of his story will wait to be told in season 2. I, for one can’t wait.

Liv gets to be a badass zombie chick once again.
Liv gets to be a badass zombie chick once again.

But finally, I do want to quickly mention the actual case of the week with the teenage bandmates who were getting picked off one by one, I Know What You Did Last Summer style after running into the hitman zombie with their car. It actually played up the suspense quite nicely with several surprises like when they find the first bandmate dead, and it ends on such a curious note. I imagine the going theory is that he became a zombie, or he was a completely different person. The first one is more likely mainly because zombies are practically running rampant around Seattle at this point, the second one would be a bit more bold, but it would also come out of nowhere, so I’m not entirely sure. I just hope it’s not something that they leave as an unsolved mystery in favor of the events actually impacting Liv’s life.


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