Webseries: We Might Be Superheroes S:02 E:03

Episode Title: Daydream Believers
Original Airdate: 4-16-14

Welcome back to another episode of the webseries We Might Be Superheroes where we continue our conversation where we left off last week. As always, if you can’t wait to check out the rest of the episodes, visit their official website. This week a pair of familiar faces try on Hope & Faith’s shoes one more time.

Channel Superhero: How has the fan reaction been to the show, do you have a loyal following?

Rica de Ocampo: Most of our fans have connected with us online through Twitter and YouTube. I think Pat responds to all tweets. I always try to respond when they’re sent directly to me. (In case you were wondering my twitter handle is: @ricaveeka) But, I think people really enjoy our show!

Pat Bishow: The fans are what keeps us going! They are the best! Very supportive and dedicated!

I love when they ask me questions about a character (why does this person do this when they used to to that?)-it shows that they pay attention and care (and for that I am grateful!).

They get on my case asking when the next episode is coming out. I remember one fan was so disappointed when an episode was only three and a half minutes. We listen to them as well. One fan wrote that we should have the character’s name by the actor in the beginning, so we added that. I love when they argue too. Some think we should only do episodes of the girls in costumes and others love the Christine & Riley ones. It’s all different. I love hearing from them good or bad. It’s great when they engage.


Do you have a question for We Might Be Superheroes? Leave a comment below and they just might answer your question in a future post!


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