Webseries: We Might Be Superheroes S:02 E:01

Episode Title: Shattering the Glass Ceiling with KNIVES!
Original Airdate: 3-26-14

Welcome back to another episode of the webseries We Might Be Superheroes where we continue our conversation where we left off last week. As always, if you can’t wait to check out the rest of the episodes, visit their official website. It’s time to kick off season 2 with a bang with a larger than life villain: Athena.

Channel Superhero: Where would you like to see the series go in the future?

Alex Covington: I would like to see the series on an amazing platform like Netflix, as an original comedy series, LOL. I think we have the ability to get there.

Rica de Ocampo: As far as the story line goes in the series, I’d love to see love interests for Riley and Christine and then of course the craziness that will ensue. It would be great to do more cross overs with other fun superhero web series like Superknocked Up or Sweethearts of the Galaxy.
I would love for our web series to reach a wider audience so we can spread all of our silly fun empowering happiness to more people.


Do you have a question for We Might Be Superheroes? Leave a comment below and they just might answer your question in a future post!


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