The Flash S:01 E:20

Episode Title: The Trap
Original Airdate: 4-28-15

We finally get our full villain reveal at the end of this episode to head into the last two episodes of the season along with plenty of other reveals for all sorts of cast members. This episode had a strong build up to the climax along with plenty of great character moments and humor along the way. This show just keeps getting better and better all the time and it’s one reason why Wednesday is my favorite day of the week for television (being a day behind to watch streaming). After proving time and time again that Iris is the worst reporter ever, she finally starts to make a little bit of headway towards not being completely oblivious to everything around her, and Dr. Wells finally gets to the chance to go full villain, and explain why he always seems to pop up at the right (or wrong) moments.

Flash Cisco

Where to begin? There is so much going on in this episode that it’s truly hard to start. I do have to make a quick mention that I still love Joe here, he gets such a brief moment in this episode when they are listening to Cisco’s dream of the alternate timeline where he says that he thought the dryer ate his shirt and Joe gets to hold back a little laugh. It’s those little moments that Flash uses so well to help make these characters feel more human than just character tropes. It also gets to use flashbacks well without overusing them. This week we get to see a little bit more of when Barry was in a coma after the lightning strike before he became the Flash. Not only from Joe’s perspective, but also moments from Iris as well as Dr. Wells. As an audience there’s already quite a bit that we know, but there’s still at least one thing that the show is holding back from us, Dr. Wells seems to have a personal vendetta against Barry Allen, and even though he has come to respect, and even care for Barry a little bit, this vendetta is so strong that it can never be completely forgotten.

The characters get to find out quite a bit in this episode. Everyone gets to hear Eobord Thawne’s real name, including Eddie during a little one on one moment near the end of the episode where Eobord reveals that he has kept Eddie around for “insurance”. Which means that when he originally said that Eddie was a distant relative, it might actually be more likely that he is a direct descendant of Eddie’s. Iris also gets to have a bit of a revalation herself in the form of a Wall*E finger spark that she remembered having during his coma, and which happens again during her brief meeting with the Flash. But she has been keeping busy with her reporter duties while not appearing on screen, she did indeed figure out that the strange events around the city were caused by the particle accelerator’s explosion all on her own. Give that girl a gold star!

But the biggest moment of the episode has got to be the reveal at the climax of the episode. There was obviously something amiss when Wells starts going for Cisco with his hand in the air. Even though he was a bit far away in the shot, it was obvious that his hand wasn’t vibrating. We get shots fired, Wells goes down and it turns out to be last episode’s Everyman Hannibal Kane. Wells gives them a call to gloat, and they head back to his future room to find out that he’s been watching their every move the entire time, which explains why he always happens to wheel himself into the room when they’re in the middle of important conversations. And of course, next week we finally get to see Grodd in action. I can’t wait!


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