Arrow: S:03 E:19

Episode Title: Broken Arrow

Original Airdate: 04-15-15

Arrow Season 3As ‘Arrow’ enters the home stretch this season, episodes have been getting progressively darker making this week’s outing featuring Arrow and Atom’s first team-up

With Lance still acting like a rabid dog trying to take down Oliver even after Roy confessed to being the Arrow, Oliver has to lay low. That means no rescue attempts to spring Roy and definitely not parading around as The Arrow as a new metahuman Deathbolt surfaces so Oliver has to go to Ray for help.

Like ‘The Flash,’ this week’s episode suffered a bit from weak villain syndrome that didn’t fully warrant the superhero team-up, but watching Oliver play Grumpy Smurf to Ray’s Happy Smurf made it all worthwhile. And with Deathbolt locked away in the STAR Labs Vault, we’re bound to see him eventually resurface and harass our heroes down the road.

arrow-broken-arrow-atomOf far more interest was Roy getting shanked by a shady prison guard and getting killed. Or so we thought. Team Arrow got even more resourceful than we originally learned while Oliver was recovering from his duel with Ra’s al Ghul and faked Roy’s death to clear Oliver’s name and stop Lance from coming after the Arrow. But to effectively accomplish the ruse, Roy has to leave town (and his role as a series regular).

Shifting Roy out of the regular cast should prove advantageous for everyone. When he does make a surprise appearance, it’ll have more meaning and now Roy won’t be stuck doing everything Oliver does with worse results. If I had my first pick, I’d love to see Roy become a series regular on the new ‘Titans’ show, which would benefit from a skilled archer and bring another founding member into the fold. If that’s not an option, hopefully Roy has a recurring spot on the CW DC team-up show.

arrow-broken-arrow-roy-as-arrowRay is starting to catch on that Felicity’s reluctance to say she loves him is because she’s already in love with Oliver. Have to feel for the poor guy as he’s been nothing but the perfect superhero boyfriend including taking an arrow for her and Felicity is still gonna break his heart.

I’ll let Nathan, the head honcho and Flash recapper, share his thoughts about Ray’s trip to Central City (immediately following my recap), but let’s talk about that final scene. Ra’s breaks into Thea’s apartment and promises to make Oliver take his place. Rebuked one time too many, Ra’s decides to make it personal by slamming Thea through a table and putting his sword through her chest. Will Thea survive? Will a Lazarus Pit make an appearance? Have to love a good comic book cliffhanger especially as the end of the season approaches.

And now Nathan, what was your take on the Flash cameo?


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