iZombie S:01 E:05

Episode Title: Flight of the Living Dead
Original Airdate: 4-14-15

Another week another brains, as this show really starts the blow the lid off of the Zombie community and possibly drops a hint as to what the secret ingredient in this zombie mixture might actually be. This time around Liv sees the death of one of her old college friends who was the complete opposite of Liv before she died. She loved life, did extreme things on a daily basis, and while Liv wants to find out if she was actually murdered she also gets to spend some time actually enjoying herself. The only real issue I had is that this episode almost felt like it ended a bit too soon without being “to be continued…”

Before I get into the meat of the plot, I have to dissect a few of my theories about some of the hints that were dropped, some of them subtly and others less so. Last episode we got to see how the high society zombies are re-integrating back into society without embracing their white hair and pale skin and Liv finally meets one of those more hidden zombies. While Lowell was initially a murder suspect, he ends up being cleared due to the fact that he was actually a zombie and was trying to hide that from the rest of the group. There was no conversation as to how he became a zombie, or how he acquired his brains with the reasoning of Liv’s carefree spirit of a snack. There’s also the important reveal that the police Captain has been turned into a zombie, though I almost wish that they had kept it with the initial subtlety where he was clipping his fingernails, a detail mentioned by Lowell earlier in the episode. Instead, the show removes all doubt as he is shown dousing his coffee with hot sauce, which makes sense as to why the growing number of missing persons aren’t being followed up on due to the literal corruption within the police. But one other detail that wasn’t dwelt upon for very long was the energy drink company that sponsored the deadly skydiving incident which happens to have a rare side effect that causes a person to go psychotic. It may just be a red herring, but I’ll be curious to see how it pans out.

Liv with a very un-zombie looking Lowell aside from his "27 and dead" T-shirt (not pictured)
Liv with a very un-zombie looking Lowell aside from his “27 and dead” T-shirt (not pictured)

One little detail throughout this episode that I quite enjoyed were some of the more meta jokes, like when Lowell points out the double meaning of Liv’s name when he essentially asks her if she actually does “live more”. They also call out the movie Warm Bodies so I’m a little surprised that they didn’t follow it up with a Veronica Mars nod at some point. As far as the actual murder mystery was concerned, it was a little bit on the convoluted side when you consider how it involved an egotistical, sex-crazed, sell-out athlete, with access to prescription drugs, and a closeted secret. On top of that, there’s his girlfriend in the marketing department who is the one who turns out to be the actual killer. And while the episode ends with definitive proof that she was the one who did it, there was still a lack of closure. Especially when you consider the potential of a relationship between Lowell and Liv, Clive’s discovery of the abundance of missing persons, and Major getting his ass handed to him by the giant enforcer zombie wearing the mismatched shoes of the kid Major has been looking for. But those quibbles are fairly minor and several of them are likely to be answered in next week’s episode.


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