iZombie S:01 E:02

Episode: Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?
Original Airdate: 3-24-15

Liv and company are back again this week with another strong offering that really jumps into a few the heart of what format this show will ultimately follow. There’s a bit more fleshing out of what happens to Liv when she gets her brain fix with hilarious results, and there’s also the introduction of the darker side of the undead with the first real introduction of the guy who seemingly started it all and hasn’t really stopped yet, Blaine. This show is already growing on me more than any of the other shows I’ve been watching the past couple years. Liv is adorable and funny as the lead, and this episode introduces how she will be able to adjust her personality depending on who the victim was each week. And the Blaine subplot is one that has the potential to explore the darker side of the zombie trade.

izombie trio

First off, the victim this week was a very passionate artist Javier who had a wife and many lovers, which his wife was seemingly ok with. Many of the funny moments of this episode come from Liv’s absorption of his more promiscuous ways, especially when she is flirting with one of Javier’s models while Detective Babineaux becomes increasingly incredulous. However it also plays a major part in the end of the episode where it is used for a nice amount of pathos where she uses the artist’s brain almost like a drug to get high on his passion for life which leads her back to her ex-fiance. Only he doesn’t just take her back, instead he pushes her away which is almost heartbreaking until you realize that it really is what she would want once the brains lose their potency.

izombie blaine

But the real interesting tidbit brought about during this episode is the true introduction of Blaine, the zombie that infected Liv in the first place at the boat party. And while he tries to come off as a sympathetic friend to Liv at the morgue, she immediately distrusts him. The one issue I did have with this is that while the show could have played it off a bit, nearly all of the previews for the show revealed that he prefers his brains to be living when he eats them so it’s not so much of a surprise when he quickly reverts back to his drug dealing ways. But what is a bit more surprising is when he reveals his ambitions. He obviously has connections with the drug dealers in town. Not only that, but when he’s dealing with a couple low level enforcers, we find out that he was the one that introduced whatever it was that created the zombie-ism into the drug at the boat party in the first place. We also get to see him branch out and seduce a well to do cougar, infect her, and then extort her for money in exchange for a supply of brains. There is so much potential with him as this intelligent and planning villain, and I am very curious to see how this all plays out over the course of the rest of this season. iZombie is quickly becoming a must watch for me, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the episode, just leave a comment right below.


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