Arrow S:03 E:16

 Episode Title: The Offer

Original Airdate: 3-18-2015

Oliver has to decide how effective his stint as the Arrow has been as Ra’s al Ghul offers him the opportunity to save not just Starling City, but the world as his replacement. Season 3 has been all about destiny, purpose and deception and their impact on the cast leading to some interesting character soul-searching and eventful episode.

I liked that Oliver actually considered Ra’s offer rather than just straight out telling him he’s crazy and he’ll never turn to the dark side. Ra’s made a compelling argument saying Oliver could do far more with the League of Assassins behind him and he could even have them stop killing though the League of Vigilantes doesn’t sound nearly as cool. It was a nice touch having Diggle and Felicity talk some sense into Oliver.

Arrow - The OfferOther nice moments included Capt. Lance calling Arrow out for not telling him about Sara. I’m a bit worried what else can be done with Lance at this point and him getting killed before he forgives Laurel and Arrow would be traumatic for both heroes.

Thea continues down her dark path contemplating killing Merlyn herself before retreating to Roy for comfort. Reuniting these two felt right as there’s a new depth and no secrets between them now and it’ll be interesting to see this new dynamic.

This week’s villain, Murmur, was understated, but the Flash comic villain fits in far better in the TV universe as an Arrow adversary. After saving Lance, Arrow comes to the conclusion he’s not fighting crime for appreciation, but to ensure everyone gets home to their loved ones like they’re supposed to — an almost mission reaffirming statement for Arrow that further sounds like Batman.

Arrow - The Offer 2The Hong Kong flashback was brief with Oliver trying to keep Akio safe and trying to reunite him with his parents when he runs into Shado. Not sure how that will play out, but I’m thinking it’s just her twin or some trick by Waller.

Upon learning of Oliver’s decision, Ra’s tries another tactic — a smear campaign of killing Murmur’s gang and making sure the surviving member knows the Arrow killed them. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

All in all, another solid episode that sets the stage nicely for an eventful final arc this season.



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