Webseries: We Might Be Superheroes S:01 E:04

Episode Title: Hero Tax
Original Airdate: 9-25-2013

Welcome back to another episode of the webseries We Might Be Superheroes where we continue our conversation where we left off last week. As always, if you can’t wait to check out the rest of the episodes, visit their official website. This week our heroines find out the finer details of being superheroes, namely tax deductions!

Channel: Superhero: What was the biggest influence in creating the characters of Hope and Faith?

Pat Bishow: I sort of based them on El Frenetico and Go-Girl (a film I made in the 90s) and Oscar and Felix from the odd couple. Go-Girl was both smart and could kick ass. So I split her up. We wanted them to be very different so you couldn’t imagine they could ever live together.


CS: What’s your all-time favorite superhero TV show?

Alex Covington: I really like Spiderman! I love that Peter Parker is your average, normal, dorky guy from New York that ends up saving lives and being a superhero. I think his character is VERY inspiring.


Do you have a question for We Might Be Superheroes? Leave a comment below and they just might answer your question in a future post!


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