Webseries: We Might Be Superheroes S:01 E:02

Episode Title: A Game of Beth
Original Airdate: 9-11-13

Welcome back to the next installment of this Webseries spotlight where we continue our conversation with the creator and stars of the series: Pat Bishow, Alex Covington, and Rica de Ocampo. And as always, if you just can’t wait, you can visit their official site and watch all the currently available episodes now. But this week, our would-be heroines get caught up in a Game of Beth where they have to fight some henchmen so they can find out where the captured heroes have been taken.

Channel Superhero: Alex, how did you end up joining the webseries?

Alex Covington: I came across a casting notice on backstage.com for the series with a sample script of one of the episodes, I think it was “The Villain is Vinyl” and I was immediately interested! I was drawn to the indie, quirky nature of the script. So I submitted for an audition via e-mail. When Pat Bishow replied, setting up my appointment he mentioned that if I had any questions about the sides he asked me to prepare, don’t hesitate to ask. So I asked! I asked a lot of questions. I was like a detective trying to get as much back story as I could. And after a while, Pat said “Wow you’ve out- Nancy-Drew’d me!” LOL!

So I think at that point, the character of Christine had already begun to take shape. I then met Rica at our callback and we instantly felt a connection to each other. We exchanged numbers so we could keep in touch and we kept saying “These character are US! We just have to book this together!” And thankfully, we did! We’ve brought a lot of ourselves to each script and episode and have had a creative hand on making these characters. Its a lot of fun and a great opportunity!


CS: What was the biggest influence in shaping the character of Faith for you?

AC: I think in the creation of Faith, from my perspective, I draw from other nerdy, yet super-cool girls, like Nancy Drew. But honestly, there is a lot of Faith within me. LOL I”m a pretty hopeful person and look on the bright side of things and believe in people. But I’m not ditzy about it!


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