Agent Carter S:01 E:06

Marvel's 'Agent Carter' starring Hayley Atwell & James D'Arcy

Episode Title: A Sin To Err

Original Airdate: 02-10-15

After an action and story packed episode last week, this week’s ‘Agent Carter’ slows down a lot to make room for more, Peggy / Jarvis silliness before switching gears again for the 3rd act in favor of a cliffhanger ending and an interesting twist. While not as fast paced as the last episode, episode 6 of the series, entitled ‘A Sin To Err’, may not have moved things along as fast as it could’ve. And with only 2 remaining episodes, is the slowed pacing really a good idea? Lets find out.

After last week’s discovery, Sousa gets hot on Carter’s tail and confirms that she’s been working against the S.S.R. in the search for Howard Stark this whole time. Carter, on the other hand, has a theory about young Russian girls being trained to become spies in America, one that Dooley actually allows her to investigate. Reaching out to Jarvis after their angry fall out 2 episodes ago, Carter starts looking into all the woman that Stark may have fooled around with in recent time, suspecting one of them to be a Russian spy who may have stolen Stark’s weapons in the first place.

Speaking of, the actual Spy Dottie, played by Bridget Regan, goes on her own mission this episode. While Chief Dooley in his office is interrogating the Russian psychiatrist, Dottie is seen getting into position in order to, what looks like, take him out as witness. But a total twist comes when the doctor and Dottie actually end up communicating in code, while he instructs her to kill Carter. This has major implications in the story, making this psychiatrist some sort of ringleader of Leviathan maybe? Especially given that he is shown later on as hypnotizing another S.S.R. Agent and making him commit suicide. Is this power of suggestion some form of advanced tech, or are there any superpowers involved. With 2 episodes left, I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 6 'A Sin To Err' 2015
Carter trying to hide from the S.S.R. Agents

The whole sub plot with Carter & Jarvis comes off very unnecessarily comedic in a time in the series when we’re getting to the finish line so a lot more story elements should be dropping. Instead we get a good 7-10 minute sub plot of Jarvis being slapped by Stark’s jilted former lovers, as Peggy tries to track down Dottie. When the shit hits the fan, the entire S.S.R. gets hot on the heels of Carter as she has to beat down Jack and walk away from Sousa to make her escape; solidifying in their minds that she is guilty of being an enemy to the state. It’s kind of sad seeing that Carter’s new found respect and standing get tarnished so soon after she earned it. But all should be well when she ends up being the hero of it all. I mean… that’s how it has to end.

‘A Sin To Err’ wraps up with a major cliffhanger as Sousa & Jack foil Dottie’s attempts to kill Carter, and take her into custody, while Dottie maintains her cover. Carter is in the S.S.R.‘s custody. Psychic psychiatrist guy is AWOL. Dottie is still on the loose. Jarvis is alone and given that Dottie and the Russian shrink are in cahoots, it makes me wonder what their end game is, and if they have back up. I’ve hypothesized from episode 1 that Lyndsy Fonseca’s livable waitress/actor friend Angie may be more than she lets on. Until this episode, Angie has done nothing to contribute to the story other than being Carter’s friend. She’s had no subplot or any storyline of her own, despite being somewhat of a major supporting character. Given that we have one sleeper Russian spy, who’s to say the Angie isn’t another one, working independently of Dottie. Especially given that Dottie only came to live near Carter after Angie helped her get new accommodations. I guess only time will tell at this point.

Agent Carter has already proven itself to be an admirable show, but what remains to be seen now is how the show will end and what repercussions that it is going to have on the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let me know your thoughts of this episode below!


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