The Walking Dead S:05 E:07

Episode: Crossed
Original Airdate: 11-23-14

We’re back to showing the whole gang in one episode, just not reunited yet. So there was a lot of jumping around and keeping up. And yet, not much happened. These are the episodes that I find lacking: the “stepping stones” to something big. Rick, Sasha, Tyreese, Daryl and Noah make a plan to get into the hospital to save Beth and Carol. Rick wants a bloodbath if necessary, but Tyreese and Daryl push for an exchange of hostages, so they set a trap to capture one of the hospital cops. After a small shoot-out the plan is in motion, until Sasha lets down her guard for a second because her captive’s name was Bob (really?). Meanwhile Abraham is contemplating the meaning of life on the side of the road in the hot sun while Glenn, Rosita and Tara go fishing and Maggie tends to a knocked out Eugene. Michonne and Carl hang back at the church with Gabriel, who stupidly escapes under the church floorboards. Beth tries to save Carol when the cops want to take her off life support. A lot of setup, with little payoff. I understand episodes like these are necessary to move forward, but they can be underwhelming, because they generally skip character building, and leave wanting action that’s not delivered. At least the Walkers melded to the asphalt were gruesomely awesome. My biggest complaint, though, is that there has not been nearly enough screen time for Michonne this season. I felt like we were finally starting to get to know her last year, besides her being a badass, and this season, so far, she’s almost been pushed to the back. And now she was left behind from the Atlanta trip. I’m hoping she’ll face some intense action with Carl at the church. With the mid-season finale up next, I’m expecting big things.


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