The Walking Dead S:05 E:05

Episode: Self Help
Original Airdate: 11-9-14

I really hadn’t been that invested in Abraham, Rosita and Eugene since their introduction at the end of Season 4’s “Inmates,” when rescuing Glenn and Tara. They seemed to be good people with the unwavering determination to get Eugene to DC because he claimed he could end the plague of the undead. Despite his lack of an explanation, I went with it, assuming it would never come to fruition, and back stories were never a concern. But when Abraham insisted on setting out for DC again and taking Maggie and Glenn with him, I was a bit angry that the show was once again breaking up the core group, after having just reunited everyone post-Terminus. However, “Self Help” atoned for the group’s split by finally giving Abraham real development, through flashbacks of losing his family because of his own actions, as well as, exposing Eugene as a liar. I never really expected him to be able to save the world, but when he finally breaks down and admits that it had all been a hoax, just so he could have people protecting him against the Walkers at any cost, my heart broke for everyone involved. The anger and fear was terrifying, but not nearly as much as the feeling of “now what” that they all felt when their mission was no longer. Though I thought the trip to DC was doomed from the beginning, that didn’t keep “Self Help” from resonating any less, and (hopefully) cementing Abraham as a definite addition to the main group, though what he does from here is anyone’s guess. Also, Walkers’ rotting bodies torn apart by a fire hose is a total win.


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