The Flash S:01 E:04

Episode: Going Rogue
Original Airdate: 10-28-14

Appropriately enough, this episode is titles Going Rogue, though it doesn’t seem like it’s specifically about any one person going through a betrayal. Instead, the title is a combination of a couple things. One is the fact that this episode really begins to create the Flash’s rogue’s gallery with the introduction of Captain Cold through this episode and also the hint of Heatwave at the pre-credits scene instead of yet another Wells moment. It also applies to the fact that the weapon that Captain Cold gets a hold of is one that was created by Star Labs, specifically Cisco who created the weapon before Barry became a trusted member of the team to specifically combat him in the event that he himself went rogue. We also get a brief glimpse of Wells’ darker side as he chastises Cisco for creating the gun in the first place. There’s also the subplot and Arrow tie-in with Felicity coming to visit Barry where she is a possible love interest though they both understand that Barry has a thing for Iris and Felicity has a thing for Oliver. Overall, it’s a decent episode though it feels more like filler than anything else. Wentworth Miller was decent as Captain Cold, and the scenes with Felicity and Barry were great, especially the moment when she is supposed to cover for him and notes how she is talking to the air.


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