The Flash S:01 E:03

Episode: Things You Can’t Outrun
Original Airdate: 10-21-14

This episode gets into a lot of the Star Labs team’s backstories, specifically the day of the reactor explosion. Something that I realized I didn’t talk about in last week’s episode was the final scenes with Dr. Wells. The first one shows that he has knowledge and is quite possibly from the future though his motives are ambiguous, the second one shows without a doubt that he has a much darker side, and here it shows that he actually orchestrated the particle accelerator explosion in order to create the Flash. I’m very curious to know what part he will actually play as the show goes forward, though I’m not curious enough to look through analysis from people more knowledgeable about the comics that may already have some theories that hold weight. Aside from that point, there is a lot of forward momentum with all of the characters. The freak of the week was fairly mediocre, but he wasn’t a very large part of the episode to tell the truth. We get a lot of moments where the characters have to face their truths. Iris faces the truth of her relationship with her dad’s partner and finally comes clean with her dad, who of course already knew. Caitlin Snow faces the truth of her fiance’s death during the particle accelerator explosion where she originally blamed herself as he wouldn’t have been there if she wasn’t there, but in the end he died a hero. And though the show doesn’t support this theory, since there are many meta-humans who were thought to be dead, there’s always a chance that he will show up later in the show as a meta-human himself. And Joe faces the truth of his old friend Henry Allan who he thought had killed his wife all these years and now realizes that he made a horrible mistake and essentially asks forgiveness. This is the kind of thing that makes a great series and why I have high hopes for this show, it takes something like a superhero and it makes it relate-able on a more human level as a metaphor. It reminds me of Buffy on its best days, it has already made some great relationships between the characters, and it shows much more subtlety than Gotham. It’s quickly becoming my favorite show of the season.


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