Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S:01 E:03

Episode “The Asset”
Original Airdate: 10-9-13

After a bit of a hit and miss start with a lot of setup in the first couple episodes, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Finally hits a stride in episode 3 which I thought should have been called “Gravity” especially due to the release of Gravity this past weekend and a lot of the subject matter in the episode, both literally and figuratively. There are plenty of special effects and action scenes, and most importantly there’s a lot of character development as well as some twists and turns in where the story is going. This episode really felt like it was hitting on all cylinders and it kept the humor up to boot. Really the only thing missing, which I didn’t even miss, was any sort of tie-in to the larger Marvel Universe. But an overall solid episode that I really have a hard time finding fault with except for a couple minor nitpicks.

It starts off with an great little hook concerning an important transport and apparently invisible attackers, and meanwhile Skye is reluctantly starting her strength training with Ward including a bit of back and forth between them. There is definitely something brewing between them and they are developing a stronger bond in this episode, but I’m not quite sure they’re going for a romantic relationship, which I’m all for. The not-romantic relationship, that is. The one part of Ward’s character that felt a little bit cliched was his “moment” where he talks about his older brother constantly beating him and his younger brother up, at least it wasn’t his alcoholic father. Skye also gets to share a bit of her past discussing her time with the whole foster parent roulette. Really, everyone in the main cast got a nice moment of character development aside from Fitz Simmons, I like the fact that Melinda May has lost her reluctance and is ready to get into action voluntarily instead of reactionary which has been the case up until now. Coulson also shows a bit of a weakness in his character which makes me wonder if there is a long term plan to get rid of him. Again.

It’s the hero walk, down a runway, for no real reason.

Once it gets into the heart of the actual story, as I mentioned there are a lot of twists and turns, including some questioning of Skye’s allegience and a nice villain of the episode who my wife well knows as Jennifer Love Hewitt’s husband from the Ghost Whisperer. I also thought the way the scientist was handled was something that reminded me of a great Whedonverse episode, not only that but the whole action scene with the gravity room looked amazing. And the final teaser which I’ll show with no explanation as I don’t think it’s a spoiler without any additional information is such a great comic book moment. It’s no Nick Fury, but it’ll do.

MAOS Declassified: I get the strong feeling that I’m watching these a few days too late as they are generally a recap of the last episode with a bit of a sneak peek at the current episode. I may stop mentioning these from now on, unless there’s something worth mentioning, but it really is a lot of fun and I will be watching every week even if I don’t comment on it every week. This episode has a fun moment with the actress that plays Skye.


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