TV Good Sleep Bad #7

Good Sleep Bad: A monthly podcast in which Elwood and Lackey (The Nightmare Gallery) delve into cult and obscure TV shows from Superheroes to the Outer Limits they watch it all.

Heading out on a journey through time and space this week we take in an episode of classic “Doctor Who” – The City of Death which not only features fan favourite Tom Baker as The Doctor but also a script by Douglas Adams.


We also take in an episode of the Japanese version of Spiderman which is as we reveal is nothing like the traditional Marvel comics version let alone featuring giant robots, a torpedo spewing monster and Spiderman’s very own flying car!


All this plus we give our thought on “The X Files” season 10 aswell aswell as some serious fanboy obsessing over the career of Mitch Pileggi, Lackey attemts to expain Doctor Who regenerations, Jess Archer Versus the Ex and much more!

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