Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends S:1 E:6

Episode Title: Seven Little Superheroes

Greetings once again, true believers! This week’s episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends is about to give you more heroes than you can handle. We have not one, not two, not even a mere three superheroes. Get ready for Seven Little Superheroes.

Spidey 6-1
This time, a mysterious supervillain known as The Chameleon is on the loose. This villain can change his appearance to perfectly copy anyone and he has plans to make life difficult for Spidey, Iceman and Firestar. But that’s not enough for him. He also has his eye set on four other heroes, both famous and obscure: The Submariner, Doctor Strange, Shanna the Jungle Queen, and none other than Captain America himself. Each of the heroes gets a strange letter summoning them to Wolf Island Mansion for a “most unusual get together.” There’s one problem, though. Since Aunt May is visiting a friend with cats for the weekend, the Spider Friends have no choice but to bring the dog, Miss Lion, along for the trip. Continue reading Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends S:1 E:6