Arrow S:03 E:17

 Episode Title: Suicidal Tendencies

Original Airdate: 3-252015

Atom vs. Arrow! Suicide Squad! Felicity stands by her man! One shocking character death! And the manhunt begins!

If anything, this week’s show was probably a little too jam packed with storylines that would have been better suited as focus of their own episode. Putting two significant storylines in one shortchanged both and didn’t give either enough time to breathe. In one sense, it certainly kept things moving. Continue reading Arrow S:03 E:17

Arrow S:03 E:15

Episode Title: Nanda Parbat

Original Airdate: 2-25-15

Consistently in “Arrow,” a little past the midway part of each season, the show feels less like your standard TV series and more these elaborately small scale movies. This week’s episode was the meaty middle act that finds our heroes at a crossroads as the burden of lies and guilt proves overwhelming for some leading to some unpredictable occurrences, the rise of a hero and a potential fall of another. Continue reading Arrow S:03 E:15

Arrow S:03 E:12


Feb. 4, 2015

As Oliver makes his way back to Starling, Team Arrow has to decide if they’ll strike a deal with Merlyn to take out Brick.

Det. Lance finds evidence linking Brick to Rebecca Merlyn’s murder and Team Arrow has a crisis of conscious if they should partner with the man whose actions led to Oliver’s death. I liked that it wasn’t an easy decision for the group as Roy was in favor of the alliance while Diggle, Felicity and Laurel wanted nothing to do with him. Continue reading Arrow S:03 E:12

Arrow S:03 E:10

Episode Title: Left Behind
Original Airdate: 1-21-14

Since its inception, “Arrow” has drawn comparisons to Batman, but tonight’s episode took a page from DC Comics’ other big icon in a fitting follow-up from the mid-season shocker.

Similar to DC’s classic “World Without a Superman (Superman (DC Comics)),” tonight we see how Team Arrow handles itself without their leader following Oliver’s fatal encounter with Ra’s al Ghul.

“Left Behind” was slower-paced than some episodes this season, but in the context of the season as a whole, it was an essential one that opens up a lot of potential subplots through the rest of the year.

Continue reading Arrow S:03 E:10