Jessica Jones S:02 E:12

Episode Title: AKA Pray for My Patsy
Originally Aired March 8th 2018

The penultimate episode of the second season of Jessica Jones is upon us, and things are darkest before the dawn of the season finale. Jessica, Trish, and Jeri are all at their lowest points either emotionally and physically. Trish is in the hospital after her attempt to gain powers, and she may never recover. Jeri has had her hope stolen along with most of her possessions that weren’t too heavy or nailed down. Jess continues to have family problems, Her adopted mother hates her, her sister may be dying but not quickly enough for her mom who’s one goal is to kill Trish.

hiding evidence

This season has been very good, but I am ready for it to come to an end. The themes and the plot lines of the season are beginning to drag because nothing is being wrapped up. Every issue is a season-long issue instead of headway being made and problems being solved throughout they are just compounded. The complications come in new and varying ways for each of our main three characters, but I am ready for resolutions. Everything about the show is good it just needs to move a little more quickly, I am getting tired of the same lackluster fights both verbal and physical between mother and daughter.


Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri continues to be the highlight for me. Her portrayal of a desperate and scorned woman is fantastic. It is fun to try and guess what her motives are and how she is going to attack her problem. Just when I thought she had gone off the deep end and was going to get her hands dirty, she used her mind to get what she wanted.

coming together

I know at least one person will die next week, I’m just not sure who. Jeri will go to any lengths to punish the people who wronged her, Trish thinks the only way to stop Jess’ mom is to kill her and Jessica’s mom is always ready to kill someone. After her murder of a police officer, in this episode, she will be on the run, on edge, and a danger to everyone. There seem to be too many story lines to wrap up in just a single episode so we will be primed for a third season whenever Netflix can fit it in its schedule.