Batman Beyond S:01 Ep:12

Episode title: A Touch of Curaré

Original air date: May 15, 1999

While Barbara Gordon has certainly been a presence in the Batman Beyond universe since the start, the show has played its cards regarding her missing years pretty close to their chest and it’s a hand which this week they finally decide to play as Gordon’s husband and Gotham’s D.A. Sam Young who is currently set to testify against an international arms dealer soon finds himself marked for death by the “Society of Assassins” who have despatched their best member Curaré to assassinate him.

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Batman Beyond S:01 Ep:11

Episode title: Disappearing Inque

Original air date: May 8, 1999

While the last few weeks have seen the show forming a colourful rogues gallery, this week sees the return of arguably Terry’s toughest foe “Inque” who last time we saw her was turned into an ice cube and being shipped off to Gotham Cryogenics. Surprisingly the episode opens to find her still there especially when most shows will open to find the villain of the week already free and working on their latest scheme, so it makes for an interesting change for a villain to still be incarcerated when we meet them again. Continue reading Batman Beyond S:01 Ep:11

Batman Beyond S:01 Ep:10

Episode title: Spellbound

Original air date: May 1, 1999

The thing I really love about this show is that it certainly knows how to recover from a stumble like last week’s drug abuse special. This week sees another major addition to the rouge’s gallery as this week sees the debut of “Spellbinder”, a villain who uses the power of illusion and mind control to convince ordinary the ordinary citizens of Neo-Gotham to carry about his crimes for him.

This episode also comes with a bit of a mystery surrounding who Spellbinder is, which while it might be one of the worst kept secrets in the Batman Beyond universe, I’ll still give those not in the loop a heads, so SPOLILERS AHOY.

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Batman Beyond S:01 Ep:09

Episode title: The Winning Edge

Original air date: April 10, 1999

Kind of a mixed bag this week as we get to find out the fate of another classic Batman villain as this episode sees the return of Bane while on the downside side it’s also another Hamilton Hill High School set episode. This week seeing Terry investigating the use of “Slappers” a skin patch containing the drug Venom which the school sports team are using to give them the titular winning edge.

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Batman Beyond S:01 Ep:08

Episode title: Dead Man’s Hand

Original air date: March 21, 1999

Another old school villain makes their debut appearance this week let alone their first appearance in the DC Animated universe as the episode sees the return of “The Royal Flush Gang” who return to Gotham to embark on another crime spree, while their leader King is equally keen to have his revenge against Batman.

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Batman Beyond S:01 Ep:07

Episode title: Shriek

Original air date: March 14, 1999

After the hiccup which was the previous episode “Heroes” it’s good to see with this episode the writers get the show back on track while at the same introducing another villain to the “Batman Beyond” rogue’s gallery, which at this point has honestly been kind of lacking what with Blight barely getting a chance to strut his stuff as Powers instead chooses to play puppet master in the various schemes he runs, with Inque being the only real noteworthy edition until this point as this episode gives us the first appearance of Shriek.

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Batman Beyond S:01 Ep:06

Episode title: Heroes

Original air date: February 21, 1999

What is it with the writers of this show including so many homages to the Marvel Universe? What with “Golem” featuring those Mardok inspired dolls let alone Terry frequently comes across like Peter Parker in a different suit. Did the writers forget that Batman is part of the DC universe or something? Well don’t expect anything to change with this episode as this time the writing team decide to essentially rip off “The Fantastic Four”. Okay perhaps I’m being a little harsh as the first lesson you learn in writing class is that there are no original ideas. Yes it’s kind of a downer of a thing to hear on day one, but even with this in mind it is perhaps a little on the nose with its source of inspiration to say the least.

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Batman Beyond S:01 Ep:05

Episode title: Meltdown

Original air date: February 14, 1999

For those of you wanting to know what happened to Batman’s original rogue’s gallery who we are left to assume were either killed or retired especially when no real information has until this point  as it would seem they have been considered to the past. Still for those of you who wanted to know what happened to these memorable villians you can consider your prayers answered this week, as this episode sees the return of “Mr. Freeze”.

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Batman Beyond S:01 Ep:04

Episode title: Golem

Original air date: January 31, 1999

Taking a break from the usual business of foiling the evil plots of Derek Powers, this episode instead chooses to focus its attention on Hamilton Hill High School. Sadly its not to explain why Terry goes to school here instead of Gotham Tech. Instead we get to see Batman facing off against one of his non-super powered foes as the nerdy and downtrodden Willie Watt decides to take revenge on bully Nelson Nash (voiced here by Seth Green) with the use of a giant construction robot known as the GoLeM.

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Batman Beyond S:01 Ep:03

Episode title: Black Out

Original air date: January 31, 1999

The origin episodes out of the way the series now starts to find its pace with Terry now established as the new Batman he now starts his training under Bruce’s tuition. However it’s not long until he faces his first challenge in this new role while investigating a number of accidents happening at the industrial company Foxteca, which is owned by Lucius Fox’s son whose father through this episode we also learn was fired by Powers when he took over Wayne Enterprises. Terry’s investigation however soon sees him facing off against the polymorph “Inque”.

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