Arrow S:04 E:12

Episode Title: Unchained
Original Airdate: 2-3-16

Season 4 continued its roller coaster ride with another episode filled with some great highs and some confusing, unnecessary lows. It’s been the tale of this season and there’s no getting around it at this point so it’s best to just accept what works and not get too worried about the mistakes that have carried through for most of the year. Continue reading Arrow S:04 E:12


Arrow S:04 E:10

Episode Title: Blood Debt
Original Airdate: 1-20-16

While a lot of people had issues with Season 3, I’m finding this season a much tougher one to enjoy. Though there’s still more episodes left in Season 4 than we’ve seen so far this mid-season return did little to inspire confidence the issues will get resolved. Continue reading Arrow S:04 E:10

The Flash S:02 E:08

Episode Title: Heroes of Today
Original Airdate: 12-1-15

I wonder if this will be planned to be a yearly-ish thing for Flash and Arrow to have their big crossover episode around midseason finale time. Or at least a couple episodes before midseason finale since there’s at least one more new episode of the Flash to come out next week. Not to mention that this episode, at least the first half of it feels more like the biggest part of the prequel to Legends of Tomorrow than any other episode to date. I mean, it’s even called Legends of Today, you can’t get much more clearer than that. But it was still a very fun episode that brought a lot out on all fronts. It was interesting for me to watch since I still haven’t been watching Arrow so the last time I caught up with them was the last time that Barry caught up with them.
Continue reading The Flash S:02 E:08

Arrow S:04 E:07

Episode Title: Brotherhood
Original Airdate: 11-19-15

When I heard yet another presumed dead character would be popping up, I was braced for more of the same, but an intriguing twist made this week’s episode more engaging than the standard Arrow staple plot twist.

Thankfully not stretching out the Andy revelation, Diggle immediately tells Oliver about HIVE targeting Andy because his criminal activities were infringing on their agenda. Continue reading Arrow S:04 E:07

Arrow S:04 E:04

Episode Title: Beyond Redemption
Original Airdate: 10-28-15

For the first time since the season premiere, “Arrow” felt more like a show about Oliver Queen and less an extended springboard for “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.”

This was an eventful night with some major developments and possibly a strong hint as to who will be occupying that grave come six months later. Continue reading Arrow S:04 E:04

Arrow S:04 E:2

Episode Title: The Candidate
Original Airdate: 10-14-15

I’m not quire sure what we’re in for with Season 4 of “Arrow.” Increased responsibility definitely seems to be one of the major themes, but I’m not sold that’s the best way to go for a comic book based series.

After three mayors’ death, a Queen family friend (Jeri Ryan) seeks to make an impact to improve Star City. Her candidacy immediately comes under fire (literally) thanks to HIVE operative Lonnie Machin, a vastly different take on the Batman character Anarky. Continue reading Arrow S:04 E:2