The Flash S:02 E:08

Episode Title: Heroes of Today
Original Airdate: 12-1-15

I wonder if this will be planned to be a yearly-ish thing for Flash and Arrow to have their big crossover episode around midseason finale time. Or at least a couple episodes before midseason finale since there’s at least one more new episode of the Flash to come out next week. Not to mention that this episode, at least the first half of it feels more like the biggest part of the prequel to Legends of Tomorrow than any other episode to date. I mean, it’s even called Legends of Today, you can’t get much more clearer than that. But it was still a very fun episode that brought a lot out on all fronts. It was interesting for me to watch since I still haven’t been watching Arrow so the last time I caught up with them was the last time that Barry caught up with them.
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Arrow S:04 Ep:01

Episode Title: Green Arrow
Original Airdate: 10-8-15

After some ups and downs last season with the whole Olicity and Ra’s al Ghul drama, the season premiere of Arrow had me feeling a lot more optimistic about the direction of Season 4. Even if the ultimate outlook won’t be so cheery for one of the main characters to see Season 5.

There was a lot of intriguing aspects to this week’s kickoff, not the least of which was that Hal Jordan reference at a Coast City bar flashback. Oliver isn’t interested in returning to Starling City since he doesn’t feel whole from his time on the island. Amanda Waller wants to use him as her weapon and forcibly sends him back to the island for a mission. I’m torn as to whether returning to the island is a positive thing, but I’ll let it play out.
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