Jessica Jones S:02 E:13

Episode Title: AKA Playland
Originally Aired: March 8th, 2018

The final episode has finally arrived, and it delivered in a big way. AKA Playland had its peaks and valleys, and like the glaciers or swift water responsible for the geographical versions, the events of this episode have reshaped our character’s world. Whether their life ended, hit the reset button or veered off in an entirely new direction everything will be altered when Jessica Jones returns for season 3.

final moments

The biggest lowlight of this episode was its CGI. The big scene where Jess and her mom work together to save a family and a truck driver who was involved in an accident looks like Syfy five years ago. Fire can be essential to a major crash and the tension of an action scene, but CGI fire is rarely successful and not something that should be attempted on a lower budget. The practical effects and the stunt work continue to be excellent especially in the climactic scene at Playland.

new man

Jeri continued to be a highlight for me. Now that she has her drive and determination back, it should be interesting to see where she takes her firm and how she interacts with the rest of the Netflix supers. One thing that was fun to see was Jeri behaving like the stereotypical man. When she is getting her private yoga lesson, she is more interested in her trainer’s backside than proper technique. Jeri has gone from one long-term relationship to another before searching for love in all the wrong places while battling her depression. She may be in the midst of her disease, but Jeri can still get lost in the moment and enjoy something as ordinary as finding another person attractive even if does mean the objectification of a young woman.


Next season Jess may be more alone than she has ever been but she may be in the best situation of her life. She will have the chance to develop real connections that are not shrouded guilt, anger, and whiskey. Things probably won’t end well for her because  Jessica will always be a character that is more tragic than happy go lucky but her spending some time on the other side will be great and make her fall that much worse. This season and especially this episode will make it harder to predict what Jess will do, but what more could you ask for of a season. We were given a compelling story, and it left her in a place where we know next year cannot be more of the same and the creative team needs to be commended for that.

Jessica-Jones-season-2 the team

Rumors are that production will begin on season three after this year. If that is true, we could be back here this time next year talking about the all-new adventures of Jessica and Hellcat.



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