Jessica Jones S:02 E:08

Episode Title: AKA Ain’t We Got Fun
Originally Aired March 8th, 2018

Here’s to hope, hope gained and hope lost. The hope for a relationship you believed was impossible, hope for future you thought was impossible and the hope to survive a fall from the wagon. This episode was filled with characters full of hope but also full of denial to believe that all solutions or within their control or that they could be this lucky.

meeting the parents
Trish is in the most denial. She can’t see that the inhaler is doing the same thing to her that it did to Simpson. Her behavior is becoming more erratic and violent every episode and is believes she is in total control. Even though we can see her repeating the pattern she was trapped in as a drugged-out pop star. Will she regain control before she wrecks her relationship with Jess and gets herself or someone else killed?

Jeri is the most hopeful of the group after meeting this world’s John Coffee. Much like the man in the Stephen King novel her savior is in jail accused of a murder he probably didn’t commit. We get to see Jeri at her happiest which leads me to believe we have quite the fall coming for her. Whether he dies in prison, gets out and runs, or isn’t able to heal such a complicated disease I don’t think he will be able to help Jeri and it will be a heart-breaking moment. She is not a nice woman, but you can see that there is potential and it may go unfulfilled due to hubris and fear of losing the control she worked so hard to obtain.

family fight
I do wish there was a bit more action in this season, but I am enjoying the emotional journey that our characters are on. We are well past the halfway mark for the season, and I think I know what will happen and I am excited to see if I am right and what it will mean for my favorite characters in the Marvel Netflix universe.



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