The Punisher S:01 E:11

Episode Title: Danger Close
Originally Aired: Nonmember 17th 2017

Does a broken man feel most comfortable looking at his reflection in a broken mirror? Since the death of his family Frank has never been more demoralized than he is now, his civilian family was taken away by his military family in the ultimate betrayal leaving Frank feeling completely isolated. Frank was on a mission and now it is a suicide mission he will bring down Russo and Rawlins even if it costs his life. The only thing that can knock him off of his one-track thought is innocent people being put in danger.


This episode is not for the faint of heart it is the most violent and brutal episode this season. People are killed with various firearms, knives and explosions, there is even a decapitation. The CGI does the best it but is not wholly successful, the blood is a little too dark and used to cover up the actual injuries to make things cheaper and easier to stomach. However, there is a very successful practical effect that I was very impressed by.

traditonal look

Madani is getting herself in dangerous area career wise. Her personal involvement with the Kandahar case, and now Frank, Stein and Russo is making her incapable of holding back her accusations even when dealing with her superiors. She is a woman possessed by the idea od getting justice for the partners she has lost and she may have the same death wish as Frank. She is not the soldier that he is and if she gets involved with the final battle over the next two episodes there are only three possible outcomes. First, I that she is killed doing what she feels is right. Second, she is there but has little impact except for maybe putting down the final guy to save Frank. Finally, I think the least likely option is that she is there for the fight, gets injured, but survives and continues her career as the agent in charge.

greater good

Rawlins’ is getting desperate to save face within the CIA after he is forced to go to his boss about his past actions and the things he needs to do to make them go away. If things continue to not go his way what will he be willing to do to protect his career? We know he is a coward so he may just cut bait and run away but he seems more of the type to kill his boss, take over her role and abuse his newfound power to go after Frank again.



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