The Punisher S:01 E:10

Episode Title: Virtue of the Vicious
Originally Aired November 17th 2017

If you think of the thirteen episodes of this season as a movie we are solidly in the third act and barreling towards what promises to be an action-packed climax. Tonight’s episode was present very differently than any of the preceding episodes, instead of following a timeline with occasional flashbacks this episode turned time on its head.


Heavily inspired by films like Vantage Point and Rashômon we are shown an event that lasted minutes and the resulting investigation from multiple points of view until we have the whole story and maybe the truth. I really liked this episode and trying to pick out the tiny details to place things in the time line in the proper order. Who went where and when, did they have those cuts there or does ti come later, is the Senator a hero or a coward?

mad bomber

One thing I didn’t really care for was Royce Johnson’s Detective Mahoney, I get he may have been trying to play to each of the witnesses to get as much out of them as he could. It just didn’t come off that way to me, it left me aggravated with his stance on Frank and how he fit into the event. My favorite thing about him is the obvious reference to the Police Academy character with the name Mahoney.

crime scene

One story line came to a close tonight but a new one has presented itself and it will destroy relationships and friendships. We have three episodes left to see how Frank and Micro, The NYPD, The Department of Homeland Security and the CIA will react to the revelations at the end of the episode. Frank has a new target to hunt down but he is also public enemy number one after he has been labeled a terrorist on the font page of every newspaper. Some people want him dead, others want him to face jail time for his crimes and others want him arrested to be a witness. Whose desires will win out are still undetermined, obviously Frank will get some if not all of what he wants but it won’t come easy the real question is who else will get what they want and what will it mean for Frank.



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