The Punsiher: S:01 E:08

Episode Title: Cold Steel
Originally aired: November 17th 2017

Federal Agent down! After the latest action-packed episode of Marvel’s, The Punisher, nothing will be the same. People will never be the same after the events that took place at a warehouse and in the suburbs, motivations and tactics must change.

dead man walking

The show continues to be great as we get plenty of family drama, action and even some comedy this week. With just a of episodes left if the creators manage to stick the landing this will go down as the best of the Marvel and Netflix projects. The combination of action, humor, brutality and vulnerability can speak to anyone on multiple levels. I wish that I was a veteran so I could give you that pint of view because I imagine it is a completely different viewing experience for some if not most of them.


The bonding between Frank and Lieberman continues to grow but it is not without its rough patches. The two men connect over their losses, anger and quest for justice, if they both survive it will be interesting to see if they can maintain a friendship or if Lieberman’s wife will kill both of them. We learn some very personal facts about Lieberman that he could have kept to himself but we also learn a lot bout Billy and what helped shape the man he is today.

scareed straighgt

Billy has major issue with his mother ever since he was dropped off at a firehouse as a baby and left to navigate the foster system. We don’t know much of what happened to him in the system and at group homes but we know it wasn’t all good and is what made him the kind of fighter that made him an elite soldier. Growing up hard didn’t just take its toll physically it did a number on him psychologically and sometimes those scares run much deeper. His struggles made him angry, bitter and vengeful ready to take what he feels the world owes him and take revenge on the ones who have wronged him.

I am excited to come back next week and to see the growth of a friendship and the deterioration of a few mental states after the events and revelations of last week. How will Homeland security respond to the loss of several agents, will Billy continue his spiral and what steps will frank and Lieberman take next? I don’t think one episode will be enough to answer all those questions but thankfully we haven’t reached the end and we still have plenty of time to learn more.



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