The Punisher S:01 E:07

Episode Title: Crosshairs
Originally Aired November 17th 2017

It is all downhill from here as we have officially crossed the half way mark in season 1. The bad guys are still confident that they have the high ground even though they no how dangerous them men hunting them are. The good guys now know almost everyone involved in destroying their lives, finally providing an end to their hit list. For those of us who are already dreading the end of the season we can rest easy because our favorite disciplinarian will be getting a second season.crosshairs

Frank gets his first shot literally and figuratively at agent orange but it doesn’t go down exactly like he hopes and now Frank and Lieberman are in more danger than ever. Madani and Sam spend most of the episode on a bug hunt, while Lewis is dealing with the ramifications of his actions and deciding on his next move.


Director Andy Goddard really knows how to ratchet up the tension. There was a good action scene in this episode but for me it was at its best in its moments with Lewis. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if he was going to claim a second victim, commit suicide or finally commit to and seek out help. He doesn’t exactly go down a path I was expecting but it is one that is incredibly interesting for the future. If he had decided to commit suicide I think it could have led to a strong episode about the 22 soldiers who commit suicide everyday and how their friends, family and fellow soldiers deal with that experience.


My favorite moment outside of the Lewis story line is a conversation between Frank and Lieberman about what it will be like for him when he finally gets to go home to his family. The two men are finally starting to act less combative towards each other, they are far from friends but they respect each other’s skill set and know they couldn’t do what the one is capable of. My favorite image of the episode is Frank and a couple of smoke bombs as he preps himself for battle. It is an image that shows you how intelligent he is, how dangerous he is and that then men rushing his way are in a dire situation. I can’t wait for next week to see who will make the next move agent orange or Frank and to find out just what Lewis has planned.


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